Saturday, November 21, 2009

Poll of the Day

Saw 2012 few days back. Lot of questions popped up in my mind after watching the movie. Trying to collate few and throwing an open question for all you readers.

What could be the probable reason for the end of the world?

1) Alien Invasion
2) Drastic Climatic changes in earth's atmosphere
3) Boom-Bang of Asteroids and Meteorite
4) Sudden turbulence inside earth's crust
5) Mean Machines/Artificial Intelligence

P.S. – Extra points for guessing the movie(s) related to each option :P
P.P.S. - Can expect a detailed blog on each option some day :D
P.P.P.S - My first ever poll post :)

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Saturday, November 7, 2009


I always hated Bombay for being so over-crowded, so noisy, so congested, so humid but lately I realized it’s just fun to be in Bombay if you have some seriously good company to roam around and few good Men to save your life from all the turmoil’s of this so called biggest Metropolitan city of the country. And I feel really lucky to have few such Special people in my life who changed my outlook towards the city. It has been a new experience every time exploring it with them. In fact I feel my every trip to Bombay is worth writing a new story :)

If someone asks me what’s one thing which I appreciate the most about Bombay, I would say – The high energy state of the town. It keeps you driving each time, every time and all the time. No matter how tired you are how tensed you are, it makes you run run run for your life and that’s what excites me the most. No matter whatever happens today, next day you need to run with the city to catch up with the world.

It’s actually a delight to see entirely different India at two different corners of the same city. If you are somewhere near the suburbs you will get the feel of typical India – crowded places, cribbing for small small thing, somewhat satisfied life, typical Indian minded people who don’t mind dyeing as if they never existed but are simply the best for their FAMILY. And on the contrary if you go to downtown side, the SOUTH BOMBAY, you will see the upcoming face of India. Sky scrapers, massive corporate houses, Hotels with world class hospitality, people who aspires for achieving excellence in their lives and making India from just a country to THE country in the world. It’s just so contrasting but you get the true picture of our country through different shades of this city.

I always wanted to get an opportunity to live in the city for at least a couple of year. But firstly I never took any step for this WISH of mine and secondly I think Mr. Fate had some other plans for me ;) Anyways I believe life is NOT too short for my wishes, I just have a hundred of them :P

(Disclaimer – I just want to be there in Bombay for a year or so, no plans of getting settled there. For a typical self driven Indorian like me it’s so very difficult to even think about it :P)

My Bombay friends Amit, Sapan, Purva, Abha, Saurabh, Neha, Dipen & the entire Solar System Gang this one’s for you - BOMBAY ROCKS!!!! :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lazy Saturday!!!

I was waiting for an unplanned weekend from long and seems like it’s here :) Friday ended quite early unlike my usual Fridays. I dozed off at around 12 only. So early? Right!! This was majorly because my mental stress level was at its all time low: P (Timeframe – last one year) and also coz of sleep’s which I had accumulated over the weeks. So I had good night’s sleep which got over at 9 in the morning with a cup of tea. Post Morning and Afternoon passed listening some beautiful numbers from APKGK, Wake Up Sid and Dostana. After a long I was devoting some time specifically to music and to tell you I literally realized I was deprived of music from last 2-3 months...But never mind I felt real good lazing out, eating all the junk food, reading a bit with some soft Indi music playing around my ears. It was Heaven!!! :) And then it was the time for a rare and precious afternoon nap. My Precious: P.

Evening went to Basho’s with school friends. Nice secluded place, cool ambiance, chilled out crowd and good food. It’s majorly famous for the Sheesha aka Hukka. Though Hukka has never been my cup of it, may be coz I was not knowing the proper way of smoking it. But people around me are literally crazy after this damm thing, so out of choice I was forced to give it one more try. My all earlier tries had been futile but today finally with my consistent tries and diligent efforts I was able to inhale this flavoured charcoal through my lungs without coughing out aloud :). It was kind of proud moment for me, as now I was on same level with everyone on the table: P. Dinner went on well. Food at the place was good, can be considered when we talk about places with good food quality in Pune. We wrapped up the eve with the delicious Ice-cream at the Natural’s. I really wonder how they manage to keep it so natural and pure. Natural’s ice-cream is one of those rare good things to eat which we don’t get in Indore as if now.

Reached back home at 12. Had few good chat sessions with my friends staying in West continents. And now writing this EOD blog to give a perfect ending to Lazy, Calm and Cool Saturday!!! :)

P.S. – Feeling great, writing blog on consecutive days that too after I almost stopped writing. Credit goes to my friend Mr IIM who has recently started writing on 365 basis. He has always been the source of inspiration to me. One complete blog due on you my friend, someday :)

P.P.S – Achievement of the day: Learned smoking Hukka!! :D But still Hukka hits me more than Alcohol: P

P.P.P.S – Bought 2 States, hope it’s a good read. Hoping to start it tomorrow after finishing Everything you Desire which M trying to read from last 3-4 months :P (M not such a bad reader, but was somehow not able to read lately)

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Friday, October 23, 2009

The CALL!!!

How does it feels when you are waiting for a CALL (not like the call from GOD for enlightenment: P) and your cell phone is not ringing only?? I believe you genuinely become quite anxious and get totally restless. Same thing is happening with me from last 10-12 days. Last to last Saturday I was told I will get a CALL in the middle of next week. It was going to be one decisive call and was definitely more than important for me. Being a total techi, I was like middle of next week means spot on Wednesday. Somehow I managed to keep my anxiety to a normal human level till Wednesday but could not control it beyond that. Whole day I was intact with my cell phone and was checking the network in every 5 minutes. Usually I get at least 2-3 calls daily from unknown numbers by the executives of this and that bank selling their investment plans or giving me a lifetime free credit card, but today was the ironical day; I didn’t get any call from any unknown number :(. My wrist watch beeped 6.00 PM highlighting official EOD. I somehow consoled myself by giving the excuse that Okay with the standard IST mid of next week can stretch up to the end of next week as well. I waited for the CALL on the Thursday too but today the nervousness was on a bit lower scale as I was leaving for home and was looking forward to a good trip :) But somehow at the back of my mind it was there, the prolonged eagerness for the CALL was there :). Alas!!! No call on Thursday too:|. Anyways Friday started, I had one of the best journeys of my life time the other night. I was all excited and all fired up, and somehow was quite a bit casual about the call now. Around 5 P.M. I stepped into my new CAR and the moment I started the ignition I saw this unknown number singing ‘One Love’ for me. With a bit of nervousness I picked up the call…and Yes it was the CALL which I was waiting for :)

Please!!!!!!!Don’t tell me!!!!!! The CALL leads me to another call :( The person on the other line, that day, informed me that I will be getting one another call on some day at some time. I was like… Nahii!!!!!! Enough of the patience, I am not calm and composed type of guy who can take this new surprises and new shocks just like that :(. But to be honest, I didn’t really have any other option then to linger on whatever is happening…. So I again waited for the next CALL :)

Next call came… though some 45 minutes late to what was communicated to me but that was quite in sync with the typical IST thing, so I didn’t bother much ;). Call went on decently. I was just hoping this call should not take me to another waiting stage. Just before the call was about to end, the guy, informed me “Okay. The same person will get back to you.” I was again like… No ways!! Not again :( One more waiting stage :(

I feel like I am a Thread who is forcefully pushed to waiting state and can be invoked back again by some external interrupt only :(. The second call was on Tuesday and its Friday again… No new CALL yet!! My wait is turning out to be an eternal wait:| But now I am quite Okay and not all that anxious about it, in fact I am feeling quite optimistic and hoping for some good positive outcome of this entire dramatic wait for the CALL!!! :)

I believe waiting is no fun for anyone until and unless you are doing it for your beloved ;). Top it all if it’s about a CALL then getting restless and anxious is so human :)

Hope it results in something good!!!

P.S. - M quite happy writing after a gap of almost two months. It’s so fun to write your thoughts :)

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Some Random Updates!!!

29th/30th Aug 09 – Day to be recorded in the Indian Formula One history. Fisichella showed some real good moves and managed to get the pole position on grid during qualifying. Race Day - First ever official point for Force India that too in the form of podium finish. What more to ask for!! Way to go Fisi and Force India. Now Malaya has every reason to celebrate!!!

Gunners Gunned Down!!! Manu defeated Arsenal in a worth watch match of EPL. Diaby’s own goal proved fatal for the Gunners!!

US Open
starting today. Stage is set for King FedEx, the father of twin, to set one more benchmark. Can he be the first one to win 6 US open grand slams in sequence post open era? (King has won US open 2004-2008). Though luck has never favored the fathers in Tennis but can Feddy overcome this notion and buy a memorable gift for his kids?

P.S. – Descent weekend, had a lot of food and a lot of sleep: D, though just one movie :(

P.P.S – Hangover is must watch for every drunkard. You don’t really know what all you can do after being druged :D

P.P.P.S – Pani Puri is still the best junk food we can ever get :)

P.P.P.P.S - Discovery of the weekend – Sheesha gives me more hit then alcohol: P

P.P.P.P.P.S - Why you feel infuriated of yourself? Why can’t you travel back and change the things? Why life is so complicated and messy? Can’t it be as smooth as Maza? :P

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Friday, August 28, 2009

3 Years in Infy!!!!3

3 years in this corporate world!!!!!

Congratulations to entire Aug06LC2/Aug06FT2 batch for completing three f***ing years in Infy. I know few left, chasing their dream but I also know many are still hanging up in here and they are the reason to cheer :)

Kudos to each one of US!!!

I don’t really know how I am feeling but definitely this moment is nothing but a benchmark for me. If I go down the lane and think about 28th Aug 2006 – the thoughts I had then, the Goals I had then & the dreams I had THEN - I really wonder I am still in here. Anyways that’s altogether a different story. Right now somehow I am getting an urge of jotting down what have I found and what have I lost in these three Long/Short years!!! So here goes my shot…

Found my Individual Identity, Lost Papa’s Name in my name :(

Found time for self, lost time for family

Found Lots and Lots of Movies, Lost the television

Found Guitar, Found more depth in the music

Found Ronan Maroon Greenday, Retained BSB WestLife Bryan LP, Lost Britney and JLo

Found Boulevard & Californication, Lost We’ll Rock you

Found taste of Alcohol, Lost virginity to OH group of compound

Found GF SIGnature and Old Monk, Lost street soda and Nariyal Pani!!!

Found Barista CCD & Mocha, Lost Ghamandi Gujrat & Sarafa

Found my laptop, Lost Pen & Paper

Found my dream bike, Lost the Dreams :|

Found Julia Michelle Katrina, Lost Aishwarya and Zinta

Found Squash & Football, Lost the Cricket

Found a bit of cooking but Lost mumma’s food :(

Found quite a bit of FAT, Lost a lot of hairs :P

Found new Friends, Found more Friends but still intact with the old friends :) :)

Found few life savers, Found some real good mentors :)

Found different dimensions for career, but still hanging up with the CAT-obsession :D

Found a new world with my own blog & the FB, Lost the hesitation to be open :)

Found a bit of maturity, lost the innocence

Found a bit of practical philosophy, retained the emo-logy ;)

Found my wishlist, and still have the zeal to make it up :)

Found my life time obsession, Lost the commitment.

Found my passion - three things to die for, but lost the determination

Found new aspirations, Lost the old goals which could never make up :|

P.S. – I know many can relate themselves with these feelings coz each one is in the same boat ;)

P.P.S – I wish I could believe on who gives a shit funda, always, but sala can’t help it :P

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Independence Day!!!

It’s going to be the Sixty-Third Independence Day of our nation. As they say we got independent and librated on the same day some 62 years back. I sometimes wonder, we have so many different cast, creed, cultures within this one country but still we are united. What is it that keeps us bind together? And to my surprise I do come up with an answer. I think it’s about Belongingness. You go to any part of the nation or to any community; you can somehow relate yourself with it. You feel you belong here, these are your people. These are the people who will talk to you and help you irrespective of knowing you. And probably that is why though we fight, we cry, we crib but still we are together!!! :)

Now a days we, as a country, are facing challenges from every possible corner. Sometimes it’s in the form of some terroristic intrusions and related activities from our beloved neighboring countries, sometimes troubles pour in with the economic downturns, at times it’s our own politicians who bring tension by fighting on the names of region & religion, then comes the nature making us fight to survive against floods and famines, and what not!!! But still we the Nation are standing against each situation shouting it out aloud – Boss!! Though we might get scared in the beginning but we are not going to get you on our nerves. We will fight and fight hard to throw you out like we do to every other problem which comes in our way. And I feel this passion of US is the key which keeps this country of over a Billion
Up & Running!!!

Let’s show the same passion & fight against this latest epidemic called “Swine Flu” which is creating havoc amongst each one of us. Let’s eradicate it in the same way we eliminated other pandemics like bird flu, Plague & Dengue. People are scared to death. Let’s make them understand not to panic and stay calm. Just try to keep yourself away from any kind of infection by avoiding being part of any mob. It’s just another problem which we have to fight for!!!

Let’s Help Ourselves!!!!

Jai Hind!!

Muzic: Hai preet jaha ki reet sada!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Perfect Road Trip!!!

8 Friends + 5 Bikes + 200 Kms Ride + Mountain Biking + Trek to Koraigad = Perfect Road Trip.

The above one liner makes very clear by itself what am I going to share with you today. So let’s not mess around and straight away bring it ON!!! :)

People: Aditya, Amar, Amu, Aneesh, Sujay, Summu, Swapy & ME (College pals)

Props: 1 KariZma, 1 Unicorn, 2 Pulsars, 1 Passion

As it was decided, we all started for our planned journey for Koraigad trek @ around half past 7 in the morning. Koraigad is a fort which was part of the Shivaji Maharaj’s Kingdom and was supposedly built around 1500 AD. It’s some 25 Kms from Lonavala. We reached bottom of the hill at 12.00 PM covering some really beautiful panoramic views of Bushi Dam & Tiger hills on the way, surpassing some un-called troubles of puncture and all. Before starting the trek we rode to the entrance of the famous Ambi valley as well. And finally we started riding up the hill at 12.40. I had heard its one of the easiest trek around and won’t be much of a mess. But for most of us it was the trek after almost a year. And with the 3 years of IT experience on the tummy you know how difficult it is to walk a single yard for a typical Software Engineer. So, coz of all these conditions, after walking a couple of mile everyone had one reaction - who the F**K said it’s an easy trek :D and I think only I had the answer ;) (Riya I hope you are reading this: P) But it was just the initial trauma, we all reached safely and healthily to the top in 60 mins. It’s always an excellent feeling to reach the summit. Hill top had huge Plain area with a couple of small water ponds too. The cool breeze flowing around made me feel totally relaxed and free from all the troubles :) We explored the entire peak in 2 hrs, saw some ancient structures “TOOPs” & all & enjoyed the nice view of ambi valley. We reached back down the hill in some 30 mins of time only.

The parking guy told us there is a short cut to Pune which goes via Mulshi, road is not all that great but buses comes by that way. We thought about taking a chance and decided to take the short cut. As soon as we started on the new way we realized roads are not only bad in fact they are worst. In couple of Kms ride only I had the feeling – Boss!! THIS is going to be eventful: D

This path way was going through within the mountains. We were riding one mountain coming back down again to hoop on to the next one. It was a bumpy ride with lots of see-saw patches. We encountered lot of waterfalls; roads were completely submerged with the water coming from the falls. We could see high hills at the left of us and deep valleys to the right. Few patches were completely engrossed in the trees giving the perfect feel of forest. It was absolutely a mountain biking experience which we see on discovery. Travelling in the mountains on the deserted roads where no one’s there to ask whether you are going right or wrong, It was simply splendid and thriller. You can estimate the complexity of road if I tell you – it took us around 2 hours to cover the distance of 40 kms. As we started approaching Mulshi we could see the Lake moving along with us below the hill. We were lucky enough to catch the RAINBOW as well and I must tell - it was a mesmerizing view, Rainbow on one side and the never ending Lake on the other. Absolutely a delight. We reached back to Chandani chowk at around 7.00 PM with our milometer saying 200 KMS :) I rode my kariZma alone for 200 K’s :)

It was a tricky move that we took but if you have your fuel tanks intact and you are all GUYS then it’s worth taking the risk. We had more fun on this mountain biking then climbing up to the Koraigad Fort. And that’s what we call a Perfect Road Trip.

Few Pics from the trip:

Around Tiger hills

At the hill top

The Hawk wondering over the hill

The Beautiful Lake

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Friendship Day

Ok!!!! It’s going to be just like yet another conventional Friendship day Post. But yaar…They as “Friends” deserved to be acknowledged at every possible occasion, so how can I miss THE day for expressing my gratitude towards THEM saying…. BOSS!!! You are the one who keeps me going after every upside turn I face, every disappointment I had and top it all by being there to share every little happiness I have.

Some people say you don’t need Friendship day to cherish the beauty of this relation but I say though every day is for Friends but what’s the problem in specifically dedicating one more day for them :)

So here goes my list of acknowledgements…..I hope you can identify yourself in at least one of the category :)

This one’s for my School Friends who are always there in my thick and thin, my sorrows and my joys, my goods and my bads. It’s like we are there together for so long that I can’t even differentiate you are my friend or family!! :)

This one’s for my College Friends with whom I have grown up from being a stupid naïve absolutely dumbo Kid to a somewhat cunning, lil bit lively, quite more aware and a totally freak EnGinEeR. You have given me a way to think about my future. To summarize you are the spice of my life :)

This one’s for my Training Friends with whom I took the first steps of this so-called corporate world and who made me realize THIS world is ain’t different then what I was living in. How can I forget the wonderful exhilarating outing trips we have had…you are the one’s with whom I have travelled out the most :)

This one’s for my Project Friends who actually made my life worth living in B-15 and who gives me a reason to come to office every day I get up. Sometimes I feel I am the luckiest person on this earth to be associated with 2 teams which are by far the BEST to work with!!! :)

This one’s for my Roommates/Society Friends with whom I literally enjoyed the fun of staying away from home. With the kind of love and pamper I get from you all I never realized I am living away from my family with absolutely strangers. With you all I get to understood staying with seniors is so much fun!! I can undoubtedly speak out aloud…. you are the BEST people to Live with :)

This one’s for my Lunch Group Friends who made me being myself. If I start writing about you here this page will become too short to convey my emotions for you…but the only thing which I want to say – I owe you a lot. In my entire day of office schedule the most happening thing which I always look forward to is/was LUNCH!! :)

This one’s for my Fellow Blogger Friends who has given me an altogether different world to live in. Though I am trying real hard to make an impression in this world of blogging and sadly haven’t got much success but I must tell you…You all have marked your impressions well within. I really love reading you all. This is the best thing which has happened to me off late :)

This one’s for those whom can’t be categorized in any other category and I feel this itself is a reason of joy for me. Despite of not having any formal channel you have embarked your unique identity in my life. This includes few whom I respect the most, few I love the most, few with whom I enjoy the most and few who made my life worthwhile with his/her peculiar style. You people are like a gift which makes me happy every time I think about :)

And And And Last but not the least… This one’s for my GECU Friends who have become the inherent part of my life. You are one of the finest discoveries of all time for me. You have made every single moment of my last 2-3 years count & have made this world a better place for me. Sometimes I wonder what if I would have met you all earlier. You are the LiFe SaVeRs for me :)

Yippieee!!! The acknowledging part is done and somehow I am getting an urge of apologizing to a few people whom I have hurt knowing or unknowingly. So just a quick apology too :)

This one’s for few of them whom I have hurt in one way or the other. I know I have been mean to you and have made you feel bad with my misdeed. But you yourself know deep within about me and aware how it goes with me. All I want to say is “Forget the past, look for the future. I promise not to repeat any of those heart burning actions again in coming future” :)

Happy Friendship Day to one and All

Thanks for being part of my life :)

Three cheers to you all!!!!

Muzic: Tere Jaisa Yaar Kaha...

Mood: Grateful :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Experience makes you change!!!!

I felt like Déjàvu while reading a blog post from a fellow blogger.... and I think it happens with everyone. You see people gathered around on the road. Some Accident!! And you don’t bother and simply pass across without bothering what had happened. But sometimes you came across situations which can actually change your whole perceptions about this kind of scenario.

Few years back I encountered one similar situation. While driving back to home from my CAT classes I saw a mob gathered on the road...I thought it’s just the same daily accident and tried to escape by taking the narrow passageway available nearby. While crossing I saw the bike, which was incidentally the prop in the accident, lying down on the road. As soon as I crossed it, something struck me & I felt I have seen this bike somewhere. I immediately stopped and rushed back to check. As I reached to the middle of crowd, my fear came alive… the one who was lying on the ground was my friend. He was bleeding and was unconscious. I could not understand what had happened and did not know what to do. Only thing which came to my mind was HOSPITAL. With a fury I arranged for an auto, took my friend into it and rushed towards the hospital. On the way, I don’t know how and why; I asked the auto driver which hospital he is taking us to. And he replied the government hospital. Somehow by god’s grace it clicked to me that going to government hospital will definitely consume more time and my friend will not get any immediate remedy over there. I asked the auto driver to take us to a nearby known private hospital. My friend was still unconscious. We reached hospital in some 10 minutes of travelling. As soon as we reached I called in for help and my friend was immediately admitted to ICU. I am really thankful to the hospital folks who didn’t even bothered me for a single thing and started the procedure with an ASAP effect. The only thing, which I could recall, they asked me to do was to call his family. By the time my friend’s family reached hospital, Doctors had already done the CT scan and other formalities. They informed his family that we need to go for an immediate surgery. They also said we reached hospital right on time if it would have been any late then things might have had turned difficult. He went through a surgery in the middle of the night. But with his family around I had this sigh of relief. My friend took around 3 months to recover back but the only thing which matter is he is great now.

After this incident, if ever I encounter any similar situation I always make sure to at least have a look and ensure the sufferer is not left unattended. Earlier I also used to escape from these messy situations like most of us but sometimes experiences change your entire outlook towards life!!!!

P.S. It was around 4 years back and I am very thankful to god that my friend Sho is simply great now and is riding his bike with the same passion again :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

KariZma ka Charisma!!! :)

Yesterday got my new Bike Hero Honda KariZma :) :)

And And feels awesome riding it :)

P.S. - Wanted it ever since I took my first bike, kinda Dream come true....n M loving it :)

My Beauty!!! :)

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Spirituality is still Alive!!!!!

This weekend I went to yet another trip with few of my friends. It was supposed to be just like any other trip but eventually it turned out to be a bit different than any other conventional outing which we have had. The venue this time was some place called “Bhimashankar”. Its famous coz its one of the twelve Jyotirling of Lord Shiva and I had heard it’s situated on a hill top, had a really mesmerizing view, it rains almost all the time there in monsoon and bla bla….to summarize it was THE place to be in Monsoon. As you can easily make out…the prior thing (Lord Shiva’s temple) was of less importance to me as compared to the later stuff which I was looking forward too. But the ultimate result of the trip was totally opposite.

As and when I reached to the Temple I saw a big line of people waiting outside to get a slightest glimpse of the God. My first reaction after seeing the long queue was….Boss!!! It’s going to take a lot of time and I HATE crowd… :( :( but soon we started walking and became a part of queue. I saw people reciting various shlokas and speaking aloud “Ohm Namah Shivay, Ohm Namah Shivas” continuously …. we too joined them unknowingly and soon I started enjoying it J I eventually became part of that loud and energetic mob. I actually started feeling it from within. It was for around 1.5 hrs we were in queue; none of us was in mood of doing our usual bakar, everyone was calm and serene & was busy within himself, waiting for their turn to get a slight glimpse of the GOD.

The purity of thoughts and belief in superior power, when I was standing in the queue, made me realize that Spirituality is still Alive within us. It’s just like with the speedy pace of life we are trying to abridge and have slightly reduced giving time to God (which as a matter of fact is time given to self). But it’s there well within which can never be lost!!

I was really happy and was filled with positive vibes after the Darshan. I don’t know GOD exist or not, neither I want to prove it to anyone. What I know is I BELIEVE!! Every time I am in trouble I have one person to look forward to. HIM. And I know he will help me unconditionally.

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Muzic: Ohm Namah Shivay

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rain and the Memories!!!

While reading Monsoon Memories blog-post from one of my fellow blogger I just thought about some nostalgic memories I have with THE RAIN. Posted few there….then realized why not share it here at my place as well :)

I too have some really crazy and lovely memories linked with Rain just like all of us.

When I was kid we used to collect the rain water at the roof of our house by blocking the water exit pipe and as the water level reached to some substantial level we used to do all sort of mischievous things in it which we can do in a swimming pool.... Imagine it used to be our personal pool: P

Playing football and cricket on the muddy ground, making ourselves totally dirty. I hope everyone has done that. If not, I must tell you, you have missed one of the sheer pleasures which you can have only in Rains.

Then when I got my bicycle, idea of fun changed… We started moving out on our supersonic cycles in the heavy rain. Our main areas of target used to be the street where huge amount of water gets deposit. We used to go there making to & fro rounds of street making our self totally drenched!!! (Now that water is not supposed to be hygienic…buttt who cares: D).

Then bicycle changed to motor bike…and suddenly I found myself in college...Idea of fun now changed to longgggg drives in thundering rain & the eye-crackling lightning, with the cutting "chai" on the roadside tapari, and "bhutta" on the street. Aaah...those were the best days :):)

Then came Pune...first year Rain went just like that…I think it was the symptom of becoming a typical lethargic Software engineer. I used to wonder why people say best season to be in Pune is Monsoon. But next year I found back my love and went for some really amazing Rain Tracks and Long drives in and around Pune. In particular a couple of rides with my college pals are very close to my heart. It was kind of re-union for us. We went to Lavasa and LohGarh. Awesome places...moving there on bikes was the extreme of joy. The way to Lavasa is simply superb. You will get to see the best scenic beauty around Pune on the way!!! LohGarh – the famous trekking place. We by mistake completed two different treks around the hill on the same day: D (don’t ask me what happened on the following day: P)

And this is my 3rd year in Pune...I am utterly excited and looking forward to have a beautiful and eventful Rainy Season. Hoping to add few more worthwhile memoirs to the list :) :)

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Roger Federer!!! Greatest Tennis player ever – Now on Records as well :) :)

Yes He did it!!!! This Sunday Roger Federer grabbed his 15th career grand slam and undisputedly declared himself as the greatest tennis player this world has ever seen. He surpassed the exuberant 14 grand slam record of The Great Pete Sampras. Federer’s well deserved accolade is finally coming on his way and that too on his favorite ground the Wimbledon. And he did it in front of some of the legends in themselves. Pete Sampras, Rod Laver, Bjorn Berg, Russell Crow, Sachin Tendulkar all were present in the center court to witness the history in the making.

But I was a bit disappointed by the final match between FedEx and Roddick. Entire marathon match was dominated by Roddick. I would rather say it was the best ever performance of Roddick and from Feddy it was just a very normal game. Roddick deserved victory more than FedEx in that particular match but as they say – "The Best Man always Win" same happened here and winning cup was handed over to The Great Roger Federer. Surprisingly there were no tears from king this time :)

I really liked the comments of people on this occasion:

Pete: "Roger is a great champion. He’s a friend, a great player and can get up to 18 or 19. He’s a legend, an icon and a credit to the game"

Roddick: "Sorry Pete I tried to hold him off".

Federer: "These are not goals you set as a little boy...this is unbelievable moment".

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Mafia Wars!!!!

Weekend comes and Weekend Goes!!!!! Aaaahhh…this is the feeling which I guess everyone amongst us have on each Monday morning. Right?? Ok I will not waste any of your reading time in blabbering about how sad and irritating these Monday mornings are. I will straight away come to point and write about the Maniac Weekend I had.

This time weekend started for me on Friday itself. I left from office quite late at around 8 (considering it’s me and it was Friday it’s actually very late: P: P). On the way to home I planned for the late night show of "NewYork". I was quite excited about the movie as it was after a long time some "supposedly" good Hindi movie was to be screened. But all my excited went into vein after watching the movie. NewYork was an utter disappointment. Though initially I tried hard to appreciate at least something in the movie, (I am a movie aficionado, for me every movie has at least something to offer), but gradually my urge for finding "some-thing" worth in the movie was killed by the terrible performance of every actor. And above all the story line of the movie was even more catastrophic. There were many loop-holes in the script. Movie was just going and going - out of direction. All & All NewYork proved to be a fatal disaster and was way below expectations.

Rating: 2/5.

After coming back from the Movie we had this usual "Tea" session at our house with this masterpiece of comedy (people call it) "Angur". By the time movie got over I was totally submerged in my favorite time pass of browsing the net and chatting with my few selected pals who are awake at this late night hour. I was completing engrossed into FB, Orkut, Gmail stuff and then I saw this one hell of a thing called "Mafia-Wars". Though at that time I just explored this stupid dam thing and after giving a couple of hours to understand it I just kept it aside for a while and decided to doze off as it was already 5 A.M in the morning.

Next day started for me in the P.M. timelines only. I got up at 12 P.M. Then after having some breakfast stuff at lunch time I again headed towards Mafia-Wars. By this time I had understood that it’s all about doing some stupid jobs, having the best weapons & armors for your Mafia team, fighting with some random Mafia’s, gaining experience and reaching to the next higher level. And then the journey for achieving the excellence begins. I spent hours of my weekend in playing this hell of a game and reached to Level 13 from Level 1. Addiction was so high that I didn’t even moved out of my house for the entire Saturday and Sunday. I was eating as a Mafia; I was sleeping as a Mafia. In dreams too I was hallucinating and was fighting with the Gun in my hand and bullet proof shield on my vest. Man!!! After a long time I have found something which has made me crazy like this. At times I do felt what am I doing...just wasting my time sitting in front of my lappy ignoring everyone around. Butttt...Who cares!!! I was enjoying :) :)

Meanwhile, gladly though, I did managed to spare time for my primary obsession – Movies. I saw some 2-3 real good movies.

Page 3 – I know you will say…What!!!!!!!! You haven’t seen it yet. And the answer is Yes!! I somehow missed it. So saw it on television on Saturday. It’s yet another Madhur Bhandarkar typo. A certainly true depiction of glamour world. Focusing on how News is governed by these Big-shots and whatever we get to read-see is not exactly the truth. A good thought provoking movie.

Rating: 3.5/5

Longest Yard – A typical Adam Sandler movie with all the goodie goodie stuff. One man, frustrated out of himself, finally finds happiness after getting in to Jail with his fellow inmates. Slow comedy movie. Can be watched as a stress buster.

Rating: 3/5

The Prestige – Ohh Boy!!! This is one of the classics. When you are watching a Christopher Nolan movie you can definitely expect something out of the box. The movie is about 2 magicians who started their career together but with the cores of time turns in to rivals. Awesome acting by Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. Fantastic script and direction of Nolan makes it simply the best. It’s rated as 8.5 on IMDB and no doubt it’s worth it.

Rating: 4/5

So this is it. Weekend Gone with a couple of achievement. One the great "Mafia Wars!!!!!" I really feel proud to be a Mafia. And second "The Prestige" Must watch!!!!

That was weekend and this is Monday. I am sitting here, after doing a couple of regular ticket related stuff + the monthly desktop audit for my team + uploading some review shits to the SharePoint (aaah...all sounds so boringgggg), waiting for my friend to call me for Lunch :( :( :(. "Change is inevitable: P: P: P""

P.S. – I am desperately looking for increasing my Mafia team size. Anyone who is reading this and plays Mafia please please give me your FB id...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Movie Review - "X-Men Origins: Wolvorins

Saw Wolverine yesterday...first reaction after coming out of theater - not up to the expectations!!!

If you are making a prequel to any movie series which has already been quite a big hit, then the expectations out of it is immense. Same happened here, Wolverine – though is a good watch but can’t really match the excellence of X-Men Series.

Hugh Jackman has done a descent job but somehow he could not create the same aura which he exhibited in the other movies, which was actually needed here…In all other movies he was just the part of League but here it was all about him. He was the solo lead for this flick. Also the story line of movie was a bit vague…things were going quite speedily and off the record.

Though it had some fantastic action sequence which were really breath taking but the charisma of "Mutant - Power" was somewhat missing.

I can remember a couple of really good dialogues from the movie which I liked a lot:

Victor: "No one kills you but me".

Logan: "We are over Victor"

Victor: "We are brothers Jimmy & Brothers look for each other".

All n all... a little disappointment (coz of expectations). But yeah anytime a good watch.

I would rate it as 6/10.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Finally here she is !!!!!!

Aaah!!! After a lot of wait finally it rained in front of me in Pune. And to tell you it’s really a delight to witness this beautiful phenomenon of nature. It rained a couple of time before as well but at one occasion I was not in the city and the second was yesterday only when I was banging my head on my comp in office. While working I was just praying it should rain tomorrow as well. So in a way you can say that was one moment when “Saraswati ji” was with me & made my wish come true...I just wonder what if I would has asked for something else at that moment :D.

Coming back to the main point...As it was my eternal wait for her – The RAIN, I had all the plans set to welcome her and be a part of her. Once it started drizzling I gathered all my roomies for the bash and we all got ready for moving out open. Then it suddenly broke into the thunderous stormy Rain with loud thunder and eye crackling lighting. Without wasting any more time we went out with the plan of moving to the hill next to our place. Our initial plan was to go on Bikes but we had only one bike of mine and somehow we could not arrange for the second one so we started on legs only. I slowly left my building and was standing in the middle of road with the rain drops trying to engross me within. This is it...this is what I was waiting for. I am part of Rain now :)

We started walking towards the hill. As we were moving I observed a strange reaction on the face of every passing by person as if they are cribbing out aloud "WTH!! We are trying to hide and you morons are moving out with pleasure" he he...this is how it goes with the rain. If you don’t want to get wet you will complain like anything and if you don’t care you’ll enjoy it to the fullest. By the time we reached half of the distance we were all drenched and quite rightly it was time for a break – The Cigarette break :) unfortunately I don’t smoke but I very well understood the elated happiness of my friends by seeing the reactions on their faces. And why not...smoking in Rain is considered as one of THE thing :) Then we again started heading towards our destination and in few minutes we were there on the HILL. To my extreme surprise there was no one apart from we four. (I am not counting those love-birds who were just inspecting the place to call it a SAFE place: D) We spent some time there watching clouds drifting apart, rain droplets falling slowly on the grass, heavy vehicle moving rashly on the highway & dogs who were looking for any hiding place. In a while the cool breeze flowing on the hill started hitting us hard & we decided – we don’t have any girl with us, so there is no point in showing the hero giri, better move home :) We started moving....but this short stint of ours was incomplete without the tea on the tapari. So we searched for a tapari & had really amazing TEA there. It’s like icing on cake to have really hot tea when you are completely wet :) Then we reached home and cooked "Bhajiye by our self to end this really beautiful Rainy evening of ours.

And now here I am writing it out thinking....the wait was indeed worth waiting :)

P.S. – I have a some beautiful and ever-lasting memories associated with RAIN which makes me genuinely crazy for her :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Negetive Inflation!!! :-o

When I opened the News paper today morning I was shocked by reading the headline on the cover page. It reads "India facing Negative Inflation after 30 years". Now WTH is this?? Though I totally understand the concept of Inflation which means the percentage difference between the rise in price of any commodity over a period of time but for a layman Inflation basically means – "Mahangai suchkank" or "Expense index" i.e. how much he can now buy with the same money....In last one year or so rates of every possible commodity has shoot up like anything. To be very particular if we consider the prices of edibles only we can see the huge difference....they have gone up by up to an extent of 50%. I will just quote the price of some pulses....if I remember correctly I kg of pulse cost me some 40 odd Rs one year back and now the same thing I get at around what the hell is this. And they are saying we are witnessing DEFLATION.

I don’t want to get in to the technical only concern is - are these facts and figures which are communicated to US are really true?? I have a big doubt on this!!!!!

P.S. – I am not raising any finger against the credibility of our government, but this is the obvious reaction which came to my mind after reading this Deflation term.

P.P.S – (not on the same topic) Yesterday Federer posted his photograph in new Wimbledon stadium. And it looked awesome. Gosh!!! Don’t I love Wimbledon? :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wimbledon 2009

Yesterday night I was just browsing through FB and came across status update feed from Roger Federer which reads – "I am back to Wimbledon. Ahh!!! How great it feels to be on Grass". Oh Boy... He is here!!! Wimbledon is on the corner and the King FedEx is all set to set yet another record. After the last years longest Wimbledon Final (now don't discuss the results :() I am very much excited to see both the mammoth, One the Legend in itself - Federer and the other Legend in making - Rafa, fighting hard for the battle of becoming the best. Federer will definitely try to continue his winning streak after French Open & would be more then eager to make 1 on 1 with Nadal for the last years encounter. Nadal on the other hand will be looking forward to move on from the French open set back. One more man to keep an eye on -- Novak Djokovic. I like his attitude and aggression in the game. Hope the best Man wins...

It's my favorite Grand slam... I wait whole year for this couple of week. Hoping for some real good entertainment this year too. And yeah not to mention -- Millions of good luck and Billions of Good Wishes for Roger :)

P.S. -- Women tennis is getting disappointing day by day. I really miss the classy games of Justin Henin, Martina Hingis, Monica Seles and Steffy Graff. We need someone really charismatic for bringing back life to women’s game.

P.P.S -- A set of good luck to all the Indians as well who are playing real hard over there. Sania, Paes, Bhupati... Thumps Up to you :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Egos between Amigos

Last week I got myself into a very strange but certainly not an uncommon situation. I was on a trip to my home town and was supposed to be with my family. Despite being with my family my people I was trying to be in constant contact with one of my friend through all the possible medium of communication technology has given us...don’t think much just the SMS and Mails ;) But my friend deliberately wanted me to be with my family and was quite apprehensive in replying to whatever conversation we were having. She literally debarred me for any further communication and asked to excuse her. Out of aggression I threw her a bad message...asking let me decide what I want to do, where I want to be and with whom I want to be. My friend reciprocated to it in the same rude manner, which was so expected. After that somehow I could not make myself to continue the communication and neither my friend tried to. That was Saturday, after 3 days on Tuesday I was back to my usual routine. In between there was no communication, though I thought about it quite a lot but simply could not make a move. Don’t know it was coz of my self-respect or was it my Ego that restricted me. Tuesday one took the initiative. Wednesday whole day no communication, finally at night I saw her online in green color, certainly she would have seen me too but I took the initiative and then we had this longggggg discussion.

My point here is, Is this kind of Ego justified between friends?? If I look at things from my side, I was the primary key in there and it should be left on me what to do and where to be. But I am very sure there would be the other face of coin too. Point here is if you are tied to a relation called as Friendship, it should not matter who is taking the first step or who is making efforts to soothe the situation. If at one point of time I am on odds my friend should try and understand the situation and try to bear me at that course vice-versa is applicable as well. But why this EGO stuff between friends???

As per me in the current situation if she would have left her Ego aside just for once and would have taken my aggression positively, things wouldn’t have stretched so long. After that discussion we are definitely at talking terms but we are not on the same lines now. Something has changed. This is the first time I had an argument with her and may be now we are seeing the true nature of each other. We both are pretending at best that things are back to normal but we both’s not. May be this is how it goes, it may take time. But I just wish it gets restored ASAP with a “capital A”. I am not enjoying it at all.

I am throwing an open question here.....Does this Egos between Amigos make any sense? I do understand it happens...but can’t it be avoided??Any tips any suggestions?

P.S. Lately I have been involved in lot of thinking and was wondering how to differentiate between self respect and EGO. Tough task isn’t it??

P.P.S If science allow us to be at more than one place at the same time (don’t read physically), then what’s the problem in it??

Friday, May 22, 2009

Implications of a computer-based CAT

Source: Pagalguy

Last month's announcement by the Indian Institutes of Management about the Common Admissions Test (CAT) going computer-based has left a lot of questions unanswered. While the July form notification will clear the air to a large extent, it will be interesting to see how the IIMs tackle certain issues that come packaged with an online test. Here are some aspects of the computer-based CAT that would make for good food for thought.

CAT 2009 will not exactly be an 'online' test

According to a high placed source at IIM Bangalore, “Test takers will not be required to be connected to the Internet at the time of the test. They will be attempting the test at terminals." The test will be already downloaded on the computer alloted to you and not administered via the Internet. Like the IIMs have said, it will be a 'computer-based test'. The testing environment therefore will not be hostage to slow Internet speeds or disconnections.

Increased cost of forms, applications completely managed by Prometric

The cost of taking the CAT 2009 is expected to be higher than that in earlier years. "The increase in examination fee is not expected to be in excess of 50 percent," says our source. Even if the CAT application form does cost 50 % more, it amounts to Rs 2,000 for the General category and about Rs 1,000 for the SC/ST category.

Not only are the IIMs outsourcing the CAT to the USA-based Prometric Services, they are also looking at laying the complete end-to-end responsibility of the CAT to the renowned testing agency that also administers the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) worldwide.
"In the first year the IIMs will be involved in processing of applications and once the model is established in the next two-three years, the only involvement of the IIMs will be in receiving final scores. Applications will be sent to Prometric and not to the IIMs as was the case in earlier years,” the source adds.

The IIMs also seem to be playing safe with the computer-based CAT in its first year.

“The results of the test will probably be declared after four-six weeks. It will not be possible for students to see test results immediately after attempting the test. We are being cautious as this is the first year of conducting the CAT as a computer based test,” says Prof Subhashish Gupta, Admissions Chairperson at IIM Bangalore.

"A decision has currently not been taken about whether CAT 2009 will be a computer adaptive test (that is, whether the difficulty of questions served by the computer will be adjusted according to accuracy of the test-taker). Students will in all probability be allowed to do rough calculations on paper provided at the test center and also go back and forth between different test sections while attempting the test," he further adds.

The computer-based test format

The bottleneck in a computer-based testing system is the rate of availability of infrastructure in the limited time in which the exam is going to be administered in. Since the IIMs have announced that the CAT 2009 is going to be held over a period of 10 days, it's a fair assumption to make that the questions are not going to be repeated beyond one testing session. Which means that the pool of questions is going to be very large and according to a few sources, the questions are going to be prepared by Prometric and not the IIMs?
However, the IIMs will have to put a very stringent procedure to make sure that every question paper administered in the 10 days of CAT 2009 is equal in difficulty level beyond doubt.

Prof Gupta says, “As is the case with the GRE, it will be statistically ensured that when the student attempts the test does not affect his test score. The experience of writing the test will be the same across the ten day period. We are trying to ensure that the computer based test is as similar as possible to the paper-pencil format.”

Infrastructure tightrope

In 2003, the Xavier's Admission Test (XAT, accepted by Xavier's Labour Relations Institute, Jamshedpur) made an abortive attempt at going computer-based. Barely 9 hours before the commencement of the test, the test was called off. The reasons for the cancellation were never well-known, though the official statement announcing return to the paper-pencil based test placed the blame on poor infrastructure.

Computer infrastructure in India has decidedly undergone a vast change since 2003, so has the number of trained computer network professionals. However, given that the interest in CAT amounts to over 2.5 lakh people across India, executing the CAT without any glitches is going to be a logistical challenge of gargantuan proportions, probably unheard of in India. If the IIMs and Prometric are indeed able to pull off a bug-free CAT, it would be an achievement to reckon with.
Assuming 2.5 lakh CAT takers over 10 days of testing, each day 25,000 MBA aspirants will take the CAT countrywide. Assuming 23 cities for test centers, it amounts to 1,086 tests per day per city. If the test duration remains 2.5 hours, then in a single day there would be three sessions of testing with 360 candidates in each. Which means, that each test center needs to have a working capacity of 360 working computers?

Of course, the unequal distribution of registered test-takers across small and large towns will make larger cities need higher capacities of computers.
We shall know in due course the kind of infrastructure Prometric is building, but will it be able to provide a uniform testing environment across the nation? Establishments housing desktop computers (computer training institutes, cyber cafes) have their own set of idiosyncrasies. Not everyone may get to take the test on a flicker-free flatscreen monitor that is not a strain on the eye. Likewise, computers might be slow at places or have partially malfunctioning mouse or keyboards. Even corporate establishments have to struggle to keep their computers virus and malware free. Technically speaking, even the most sporadic of cases of bad testing infrastructure would leave the CAT system vulnerable to litigation by test-takers.

It has been reported that the IIM-Prometric deal surrounding the CAT exam is worth $40 million. One expects Prometric to use the money to go on an overdrive putting a world-class computer testing facility across the country.

Too esoteric?

The CAT has traditionally been feared in smaller towns of India primarily because of the difficulty level of the English and Reading Comprehension sections. An unfamiliar testing format and increased form cost may discourage many to skip the CAT and instead concentrate on state-level management entrance exams or the Management Aptitude Test (MAT), thus resulting in only the more serious MBA aspirants taking the CAT 2009.
How MBA aspirants embrace the computer-based CAT on a large scale further depends on how easy the test preparation or coaching classes make it for them. Coaching class businesses in India are based on the franchisee structure, which puts a lot of the business expansion initiative on the local businessman who runs the city center of a test-prep agency. In smaller towns, franchisees will have to see enough business opportunity in training for an online CAT in order to make lakhs of rupees of investments in computer labs. The training courses also have to remain affordable for MBA aspirants.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Beautiful Quote with a lot of essence to it!!!!

Today I got this word "ephemeral" in a mail as the word of the day. It was beautified in such a splendid manner via a quote that I simply could not resist myself from giving it a thought. The Quote goes like this:

"Success is very ephemeral. You depend entirely on the desire of others, which makes it difficult to relax"

Success is for very short time. You cannot hold it back and enjoy because you are dependent on many people for each and every small thing in your life. If you are happy you need people around you to share your happiness and make it ecstasy for you. When you are sad you need your loved ones to console you and cheer you up. When you wanna party you need people to be a part of it. So it’s never about your desire or your liking it’s always relative and somehow depends upon "others" around you.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gautam Gambhir – Still under appreciated??

Today India created history by winning over New Zealand on their soil after 41 years. This magnificent and obviously deserving victory was resulted because of exuberant performances by almost every individual of the team. It may be the centuries scored by Sachin, Dravid, Laxman, Gambhir or may be some world class bowling by Zaheer, Bhaji, Ishant or the perfect leadership of the captain Dhoni. Everybody make sure to chip in at some point or the other and made their presence felt. All and all it was a fabulous team effort which continued the winning streak of this legendary Indian cricket team.

But in this fury of victories and accolades almost everyone has sidelined the most consistent player in the team - Gautam Gambhir. He scored an ample 450 runs with 2 centuries and 1 half century & played the vital role in this commendable victory. I remember, the first significant performance by this chap was during the T20 world cup. He was the highest run getter in the tournament. He scored some 250 odd runs with an average of around 40 with 3 half centuries, which is simply splendid in T20 form of cricket. But he was nowhere in the credit list when it came to sharing the honour of becoming world champs. The 6 on 6 streak of Yuvraaj and the so called majestic captaincy of Dhoni way surpassed the unfathomable performance of Gambhir.

After the T20 WC this chap had no looking back. He proved his mettle in every form of cricket & against almost all the great guns of world cricket. He took no time in converting his image of a splendid T20 player into a world class ODI and Test Player. No matter against whom he was playing he was consistently delivering the same charismatic performance. The teams of Australia, Sri Lanka, England and recently New Zealand all witnessed some world class batting from this gentleman. In the recent series against New Zealand he played a marathon inning of over 10 hrs in Napier test to save India from the almost a sure defeat.

Despite of delivering consistent performance from last couple of year, I somehow feel he is not getting the proper recognition and respect in the team which he is worthy of. He is still treated as the underdog in the team. He himself accepted in an interview that before this series he was not at all confident about his place in Indian team. Though after the Napier match he was called as the second Wall of Indian cricket, but this tag soon got lost in the Dhoni, Bajji song of Indian Media who are unreasonably treated as god of Indian cricket. I mean I simply can’t understand if a player is scoring consistently in all forms of cricket for over 2 years but he is still not confident about his place in the team & cannot grab the attention of Media then who can be sure about it? Is it something like who are good at words and have good rapport with the management can be relaxed about their future? Is our Media biased with the Masala news?? Do media have the sense of making a good thing good and a bad thing bad??

I am sure not everyone will agree to this, but this is how I feel about the kind of attention and recognition Gauti is getting. I just wish he will get the desired credibility and appreciations for the top quality performances which he is producing on every pitch against every country.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fight to rise above the Mob

Last week I read an interesting book with an equally interesting title by Mainak Dhar. It’s called “The funda of Mixology”. I am sure the topic will appeal to both kind of people, the one who drink and the one who don’t :). In the book, author has beautifully simulated life with a cocktail drink. He has tried to convey the sweet and concise message about blending various emotions to make life lively n vigorous, in a unique manner. As a drink requires exact proportion of its ingredients to make it perfect, on the same lines, your life demands bits and pieces of every flavour every colour available with you to make it successful. Life has many facets beyond one's career, such as one's passions outside of work, family, one's health etc. You cannot run after one aspect, sidelining the others, and achieve the zenith in your life. Focussing on your target is good but ignoring its repercussions is not wise.

Though the story was quite filmy and impractical but it had the essence to drag your attention. I am very much impressed by one particular poem mentioned in the book. It inspires to create your own identity and fight for it. It goes like this....

A thousand voiceless faces
cast in the same mould,
silently urging you
to do as you're told.

A thousand faceless voices
speaks in the same tone,
urging you to suppress
the song of your own.

Fight to rise above the mob
For when all is told and done,
All you really have to show
Is the little individuality you’ve won

I am not sure whether it will inspire you but it did to me, hence deserves an entry here.

All n all it’s just another book for all......but with a slightly different blend of flavour :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Delhi 6 --->> Movie review

Yesterday night I saw Delhi 6 (The Premiere Show :))
And yeah…. It was good :)
I will say it's not very excellent (which I was expecting it to be)...but it's fairly good and above the "Do watch" level benchmark.
The most important problem about the movie was its high expectations. Actually after RDB everybody was expecting nothing but something better than RDB from Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra. Though he has not been able to deliver the same exuberance here again but at the same time he has not let his standards go down and has produced a reasonably good show.
The best part about the movie is the backdrop of the typical Delhi city which the Director has used. Also the characters which he has used in his movie are simply amazing. Though in the beginning you will find it quite crowded but as the film progresses you will realize the importance and need of each character. He has actually succeeded in depicting the situation of a typical Indian community which faces various problems of hoax, religion discrimination which leads to riots. At one point he has tried to show the sensitive issue of Indian females who are forced to get married out of there will, abandoning their dreams of making big in life and on the other point he has tried to touch the heart of millions of Indians, who are staying abroad, with the feeling of belongingness to their county.
But I personally feel he consumed a lot of time in setting up the plot for all these issues and took a little less time in conveying the message which he actually wanted to in the end. Director failed to develop the zeal in the viewers for doing something for social causes which should have come after watching the movie. May be he could not communicate the message in the way he wanted to the audience.
Apart from these issues director tried to show a little cute love affair developing slowly between Roshan and Bittu, which felt quite original and had problems of its own. There were certain sequences in the movie which were unique in themselves specially the Raamlila scenes which we not often find in our movies. The abstract simulation of NYC and Delhi in the song Dil Gira Dafatan was also worth watching. Music of the movie was simply splendid. Rahman rocks as always :). There was song for every possible situation in the movie. The best thing about these songs was that they were not the complete songs. Director has used just 1 or 2 stanza of most of the songs which avoided the feeling of having too much of muzic in the movie.
I would recommend the movie as at least one time watch and would request you all not to go by the ratings or reviews. You go to movie, watch it and feel and probably you will the right person to rate it for yourself.

Word of caution..
Just don’t go to the theater with any expectations :) :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hello World!!!!!

After ages of cribbing and no no’s I have finally made myself to write something out of my own, instead of copying it down from somewhere ;). Now I seriously don’t know what this something is going to be. It’s actually a mystery for me ....n its going to be unfolded in front me in the same way as it is going to be for you people. Probably I should say I will re-discover myself with you guys :). This "something" can be anything movies, music, books, cricket, tennis any possible stuff which I have clue of :). My intent would be to convert this something to every possible thing.

I actually wanted to write ever since I read my first book (don’t want to recall but yeah sadly it was The Alchemist :( ). But the real enlightment came after “Five point someone” which I read very after the Alchemist. I was totally mesmerized by Chetan Bhagat’s writing style and was forced to believe books are not all that bad ..... And since then there was no looking back.... Inspired by so many of Indian writers I am finally preparing myself to take the plunge in this beautiful world of words, hoping to get myself engrossed in the love of language.

I will need your feedbacks both the positive and the negative to boost me up and improve upon my shortcomings. So guys here comes my very first Official post on the blog :)