Friday, June 25, 2010

Why do people Blog?

Writing is an art. It comes as a gift to few, few are grown up in an environment which makes them genuine writers and few work hard to inculcate this miraculous art in them. When I am talking about Writing, it’s not only about big articles, huge publications or astounding stories it’s about our normal routine writing. It can vary from writing your business e-mail to writing a comment on any social networking site, from posting your opinion about a subject on a forum to twitting. Now the whole point behind this writing thing is that somewhere I read an open question “why do people blog?” and I started wondering about it. For me Blogging = Writing though I know it’s not always correct. Blogging is not always about writing something but somehow this is the basic definition of blogging in my world. So I thought to buy sometime out of my leisure-full schedule and shake my brain a little to find out the answer to this widely spread question – Why do people Blog?

1. I write/blog to make a note of the very hour, the very moment to make a history for myself. I want to see how I and my thoughts grew over the years and for that the best way is to jot down whatever I feel at that moment.

2. For me it’s one critical way to communicate with myself, with my conscious. When I write I think. I think what I want and how I want. And that’s the only time when I find myself fighting for right and wrong with myself.

3. I mentioned three categories of writers in the beginning. I surely belong to the third one. I am not a genuine writer; instead I have to try real hard to write one single line. Hence Blogging helps me evolve as a writer. It provides me a platform where I can analyze my writing skills with the help of fellow bloggers.

4. And lastly, off course I blog to make people aware what I think, what I believe. I blog to discuss my opinion with the world and their views about the topic

Some say Bloggers are attention seekers. I don’t deny this fact completely. Bloggers too brag a lot about what they write and what they do but they do it in their space. It’s entirely up to you to go and be a part of their bragging. They just portray their angle on the subject which majority of us do, though not in writing but off course verbally. Tell me who don’t like to be recognized. If someone is doing it explicitly in form of blogging and you are calling them attention seekers. Not Fair!!!

To summarize blogging is an art in itself which can (if practiced in right way) brings a better person out of you. It enhances your personality as a whole and helps you in communicating in a concrete manner. And I believe that’s why people like to blog.