Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Delhi 6 --->> Movie review

Yesterday night I saw Delhi 6 (The Premiere Show :))
And yeah…. It was good :)
I will say it's not very excellent (which I was expecting it to be)...but it's fairly good and above the "Do watch" level benchmark.
The most important problem about the movie was its high expectations. Actually after RDB everybody was expecting nothing but something better than RDB from Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra. Though he has not been able to deliver the same exuberance here again but at the same time he has not let his standards go down and has produced a reasonably good show.
The best part about the movie is the backdrop of the typical Delhi city which the Director has used. Also the characters which he has used in his movie are simply amazing. Though in the beginning you will find it quite crowded but as the film progresses you will realize the importance and need of each character. He has actually succeeded in depicting the situation of a typical Indian community which faces various problems of hoax, religion discrimination which leads to riots. At one point he has tried to show the sensitive issue of Indian females who are forced to get married out of there will, abandoning their dreams of making big in life and on the other point he has tried to touch the heart of millions of Indians, who are staying abroad, with the feeling of belongingness to their county.
But I personally feel he consumed a lot of time in setting up the plot for all these issues and took a little less time in conveying the message which he actually wanted to in the end. Director failed to develop the zeal in the viewers for doing something for social causes which should have come after watching the movie. May be he could not communicate the message in the way he wanted to the audience.
Apart from these issues director tried to show a little cute love affair developing slowly between Roshan and Bittu, which felt quite original and had problems of its own. There were certain sequences in the movie which were unique in themselves specially the Raamlila scenes which we not often find in our movies. The abstract simulation of NYC and Delhi in the song Dil Gira Dafatan was also worth watching. Music of the movie was simply splendid. Rahman rocks as always :). There was song for every possible situation in the movie. The best thing about these songs was that they were not the complete songs. Director has used just 1 or 2 stanza of most of the songs which avoided the feeling of having too much of muzic in the movie.
I would recommend the movie as at least one time watch and would request you all not to go by the ratings or reviews. You go to movie, watch it and feel and probably you will the right person to rate it for yourself.

Word of caution..
Just don’t go to the theater with any expectations :) :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hello World!!!!!

After ages of cribbing and no no’s I have finally made myself to write something out of my own, instead of copying it down from somewhere ;). Now I seriously don’t know what this something is going to be. It’s actually a mystery for me ....n its going to be unfolded in front me in the same way as it is going to be for you people. Probably I should say I will re-discover myself with you guys :). This "something" can be anything movies, music, books, cricket, tennis any possible stuff which I have clue of :). My intent would be to convert this something to every possible thing.

I actually wanted to write ever since I read my first book (don’t want to recall but yeah sadly it was The Alchemist :( ). But the real enlightment came after “Five point someone” which I read very after the Alchemist. I was totally mesmerized by Chetan Bhagat’s writing style and was forced to believe books are not all that bad ..... And since then there was no looking back.... Inspired by so many of Indian writers I am finally preparing myself to take the plunge in this beautiful world of words, hoping to get myself engrossed in the love of language.

I will need your feedbacks both the positive and the negative to boost me up and improve upon my shortcomings. So guys here comes my very first Official post on the blog :)