Saturday, June 20, 2009

Finally here she is !!!!!!

Aaah!!! After a lot of wait finally it rained in front of me in Pune. And to tell you it’s really a delight to witness this beautiful phenomenon of nature. It rained a couple of time before as well but at one occasion I was not in the city and the second was yesterday only when I was banging my head on my comp in office. While working I was just praying it should rain tomorrow as well. So in a way you can say that was one moment when “Saraswati ji” was with me & made my wish come true...I just wonder what if I would has asked for something else at that moment :D.

Coming back to the main point...As it was my eternal wait for her – The RAIN, I had all the plans set to welcome her and be a part of her. Once it started drizzling I gathered all my roomies for the bash and we all got ready for moving out open. Then it suddenly broke into the thunderous stormy Rain with loud thunder and eye crackling lighting. Without wasting any more time we went out with the plan of moving to the hill next to our place. Our initial plan was to go on Bikes but we had only one bike of mine and somehow we could not arrange for the second one so we started on legs only. I slowly left my building and was standing in the middle of road with the rain drops trying to engross me within. This is it...this is what I was waiting for. I am part of Rain now :)

We started walking towards the hill. As we were moving I observed a strange reaction on the face of every passing by person as if they are cribbing out aloud "WTH!! We are trying to hide and you morons are moving out with pleasure" he he...this is how it goes with the rain. If you don’t want to get wet you will complain like anything and if you don’t care you’ll enjoy it to the fullest. By the time we reached half of the distance we were all drenched and quite rightly it was time for a break – The Cigarette break :) unfortunately I don’t smoke but I very well understood the elated happiness of my friends by seeing the reactions on their faces. And why not...smoking in Rain is considered as one of THE thing :) Then we again started heading towards our destination and in few minutes we were there on the HILL. To my extreme surprise there was no one apart from we four. (I am not counting those love-birds who were just inspecting the place to call it a SAFE place: D) We spent some time there watching clouds drifting apart, rain droplets falling slowly on the grass, heavy vehicle moving rashly on the highway & dogs who were looking for any hiding place. In a while the cool breeze flowing on the hill started hitting us hard & we decided – we don’t have any girl with us, so there is no point in showing the hero giri, better move home :) We started moving....but this short stint of ours was incomplete without the tea on the tapari. So we searched for a tapari & had really amazing TEA there. It’s like icing on cake to have really hot tea when you are completely wet :) Then we reached home and cooked "Bhajiye by our self to end this really beautiful Rainy evening of ours.

And now here I am writing it out thinking....the wait was indeed worth waiting :)

P.S. – I have a some beautiful and ever-lasting memories associated with RAIN which makes me genuinely crazy for her :)


  1. i loved d way u described d small event in ur big words...keep it up AB ..

  2. @ken - I am still not able to post anything over there. When I click on submit after providing al the info it gives me a message discarded...

  3. @Nia - Thanks a lot girl. I am glad that you liked it :)