Friday, April 17, 2009

Beautiful Quote with a lot of essence to it!!!!

Today I got this word "ephemeral" in a mail as the word of the day. It was beautified in such a splendid manner via a quote that I simply could not resist myself from giving it a thought. The Quote goes like this:

"Success is very ephemeral. You depend entirely on the desire of others, which makes it difficult to relax"

Success is for very short time. You cannot hold it back and enjoy because you are dependent on many people for each and every small thing in your life. If you are happy you need people around you to share your happiness and make it ecstasy for you. When you are sad you need your loved ones to console you and cheer you up. When you wanna party you need people to be a part of it. So it’s never about your desire or your liking it’s always relative and somehow depends upon "others" around you.

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