Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yet Another day in History!!!

Sachin Tendular!!! For many it’s just another name but for me it’s one name with which I have grown up being myself. One name which has actually taught me the meaning of Cricket. One name which made me understands the true feeling of sportsmanship. One name which made not only me but almost every Indian to celebrate Cricket as religion. One name which undoubtedly deserve to be called as the living Legend.

Yesterday the Legend added one more diamond to his crown and gave us every reason to cherish for being part of this era, HIS ERA. He climbed one more step ahead to become the most invincible person in this Game by scoring the undefeatable double ton in limited over form of cricket. Something which was only dreamed about, something which was considered as the benchmark. I remember the time when score of 220-230 use to be called as a competitive score and now a single individual the Legend Sachin has done it all alone.

When Sachin scored his 200th run, though I was not watching it live but, I could feel the emotional outburst which must have occur in every Indian’s heart. It was one proud moment for each one of us. If it would have been any other Indian may be Sehwag, Dhoni or Yuvraaj then also we would have been happy, we would have felt proud and we would have celebrated. But when it comes from Sachin it’s something different, something more personal and something which makes us feel this is ours.

Almost every one of my age has grown up watching Sachin redefining the Cricket for them and I am sure each one has this dream hidden in some corner of their heart. And when He… as they say… The GOD of Cricket actually did it... everything became so colourful. Millions of dream came alive at one moment. Responses were flooded from all across the globe. People Twitting, FBing, Partying and Celebrating in every corner of the world. It has to happen because it was Sachin.

Sachin is inside me, inside you and inside every cricket follower. That’s why we call it "Hamara Sachin" :-)

Long live Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar!!!!