Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 - A year of uncertainties!!!

Finally the 31st December has arrived, thrashing away the terrible Twenty Ten and welcoming the long awaited, optimistic 2011. Though the disparity and eternity of 2010 was leaving little hopes of its completion, but gladly it’s over and to my astonishment I am still standing firm with all the commitment and all the devotion like 2009. (In fact I would say with the devotion like never before ;-))

I wish the New Year brings laurels, accolades and more happiness to everyone’s life. And it brings a certainty in my life :-)

Happy Nu Year!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Why do people Blog?

Writing is an art. It comes as a gift to few, few are grown up in an environment which makes them genuine writers and few work hard to inculcate this miraculous art in them. When I am talking about Writing, it’s not only about big articles, huge publications or astounding stories it’s about our normal routine writing. It can vary from writing your business e-mail to writing a comment on any social networking site, from posting your opinion about a subject on a forum to twitting. Now the whole point behind this writing thing is that somewhere I read an open question “why do people blog?” and I started wondering about it. For me Blogging = Writing though I know it’s not always correct. Blogging is not always about writing something but somehow this is the basic definition of blogging in my world. So I thought to buy sometime out of my leisure-full schedule and shake my brain a little to find out the answer to this widely spread question – Why do people Blog?

1. I write/blog to make a note of the very hour, the very moment to make a history for myself. I want to see how I and my thoughts grew over the years and for that the best way is to jot down whatever I feel at that moment.

2. For me it’s one critical way to communicate with myself, with my conscious. When I write I think. I think what I want and how I want. And that’s the only time when I find myself fighting for right and wrong with myself.

3. I mentioned three categories of writers in the beginning. I surely belong to the third one. I am not a genuine writer; instead I have to try real hard to write one single line. Hence Blogging helps me evolve as a writer. It provides me a platform where I can analyze my writing skills with the help of fellow bloggers.

4. And lastly, off course I blog to make people aware what I think, what I believe. I blog to discuss my opinion with the world and their views about the topic

Some say Bloggers are attention seekers. I don’t deny this fact completely. Bloggers too brag a lot about what they write and what they do but they do it in their space. It’s entirely up to you to go and be a part of their bragging. They just portray their angle on the subject which majority of us do, though not in writing but off course verbally. Tell me who don’t like to be recognized. If someone is doing it explicitly in form of blogging and you are calling them attention seekers. Not Fair!!!

To summarize blogging is an art in itself which can (if practiced in right way) brings a better person out of you. It enhances your personality as a whole and helps you in communicating in a concrete manner. And I believe that’s why people like to blog.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Last Day!!

Yesterday was my last day in my first Company and as everyone says at the end of the day I had a bag full of mixed emotions with me. I was excited as I was moving out for something good, I was a bit scared as now I will be in between new people who will judge me on every single step I will take, I was happy as I will now get some new challenges to face, I was a bit sad because it will be the end of my extended college life. Whole day I was happy and excited but just a couple of moment made me feel the reverse way. First when I submitted my Office ID I just got blanked out. I felt – now what!!! I am nowhere. And second when I was leaving the campus for one last time... I just thought I won’t be able to come again in here like this. Shit!! That was not a good feeling. But I believe it’s not the “Game Over” it’s just the “change in the name of Game”. I am sure I am going to miss few loved one’s from my X-company (Woohhoo.... it has already became my X-Company) but that’s just the part of game. Right?? I sent a couple of good bye notes yesterday would like to share it here...

First to my entire Offshore Account –

Hello Everyone,

Today is my last working day and the following lines would probably be the concluding lines of this one beautiful chapter of my life. I have been part of this organization for over three and half years now and looking back I feel happy to recollect few wonderful memories which I made with some fantastic people here :-)

It is my first company and as everyone says it will surely remain close to my heart. I feel lucky to be associated with few fantastic teams across the floor and cities in BOFA. On this departing day I would like to show my gratitude towards each one of you for making it a better place for me -

COIN Team - I joined COIN as a fresher and thank fully with so many seniors around I never really felt the seriousness and the panic of release deadlines. I learned I grew I enjoyed under the finest mentors. The best part about COIN is "Once you are COINiete you are forever a COINiete". Thank you.

BCO Team- With BCO team I technically learned the most. I am glad I got to meet few really technically fundu people here. You guys are just the best. I am what I am just because of you. Special thanks to each one of you :-)

BCO L3 Team - Though we never really worked together but I was associated with you very closely over the period. With you guys I learned the funda of Work Hard and Party Harder. From floor events to project parties, from Ovation to DJ nights I enjoyed a lot with you people. You guys are so much fun. Keep Rocking :-)

MS Production Support Team - My current team. It was wonderful knowing you all. It was simply a great experience setting up the project from scratch and watching it completing its first anniversary. All the very best!!

Apart from these team members there are many people I met during this period and who made a difference to me. I want to name each one of you and thank you for making this stint remarkable, but I guess it’s not the right platform :-)

You can reach out to me at my mail id. Please add me on LinkedIn I am available with the display name. And its needless to say catch me on FB/Orkut/Twitter I am sure you will ;-) You can follow me on my personal BLOG

Thank you all for making this journey worth cherishing for me. Wishing you a very Good Luck in everything you do. Have a great life ahead.

Follow you heart!!!


Second to my Team -

Hey Guys,

As you all know today is my last working day…well that’s not a sad thing. I am actually happy about it. It was long awaited ;-) The only thing which is bothering me is that after today I won’t be able to share my workplace with you people. I don’t know how it will be after today but I surely know it will not be as cheerful, as comical, as soothing, as musical, as knowledgeable, and as natural as it was with you guys. You people are just the best people to be with. I feel lucky and proud to be associated with each one of you… with the whole BCO L3 team. You guys were the only reason for me to cheer in last 1.5 year. So on this turning point I want to say a big thanks to all of you and…… okay okay I know I am taking a lot of space and you are not interested in all this crap you want to move on to the more interesting part.. Your part. Soooo let’s go for it :-)

P.S. – unfortunately it’s a very long mail. So you can skip all the irrelevant sections and hop on to more interesting parts:-D

Ankita – Yesterday you asked me one question –“ Whom I am going to miss?” and I said -”Sujit” :-P. And I knew what exactly you wanted to hear… so bête… you very well know the answer of your question :-). You along with Madhuri & I started this mess… but you were lucky enough to get out of it on right time. I always tried to learn from you how to be normal and have fun in the toughest situation. That’s one thing for which I give a Hats Off to you. Thoda kam bolna, onsite wale ko kam pakana, emotional atyachaar mat dekhna bus. Rest be like what you are and try to get a better life.

Madhuri – My farewell mail will be incomplete without a special mention about you Maa’m :-). I feel unlucky to get only few months to spend with you. But whatever time I got was enough for me to have a lifelong friendship with you. You were my lead more on personal front than the professional. I always looked and still look up to you for any help/suggestion/advice. As Aatif says you are a perfect Agony Aunt who has the solution for every problem. Thanks a lot for being there for me :-)

Sandeep Seth – Alright… here’s the guy with whom I worked the most in last 1.5 years. My team lead :-) One thing I really like about you is how you balance your personal and professional life. You were absolutely a different person before your wedding and now you are a different person. When I see you I get good positive vibes for marriage. And professionally… sometimes I wonder how and why you get into such detail. But when you summarize the things after your deep analysis I feel okay it was worth it. I sincerely respect you as my lead. Wishing a very beautiful life ahead for you and Priyanka :-)

Riya – Oyeeee… My back up girl ;-) I know you since I joined Bofa and to tell you it’s been a drastic transformation in you since then. I like your simple funda of living life to the fullest. I like how you live for today. I like your bindass attitude towards life… but with all this like like like… there is one major thing which I don’t like… I know that you know it… sooo just take care of that :-) Have fun but marry a guy who don’t drink:-D. Aurrrrrr ek bada wala thank you tujhe for the puke :-P

Priya – Now how can I miss out on you :-) On the records “You hardly knew us but you still gave us such a big party” And believe me it’s still one of the finest party for each one of us. You were Savior in disguise for me and Aatif :-) I just wonder how we all gelled so well in so little time. Always so accepting, always so nice, always game for fun… with you I never felt that I know you just from few days. You are just great. Priya you Rock!!! :-D

Avinash – When I see you with Sherry my faith on “Soulmates” gets double triple and quadruple :-) I love you guys together and I always wish the same life for me too. One thing which I like the most about you is your passion for everything you do. If Avinash watch a movie, or he eat out, or he clicks a picture its absolutely different and thousand times more interesting than what it had been if anyone else does it. He puts so much conviction in it that it automatically becomes the best. And Boss I must tell you… I really like this a lot :-)

Ankima – If you won’t have come to offshore two months back then probably you would not have found your name here. I should say you were a boon to me and god sent you as a gift for me to pass my sad lethargic last two months of notice period here. I know you from long but what we re-bonded in last two months is simply marvelous. Full on energetic person, always on, always ready for fun a true sport. You are just great. I cherish the time spent with you. Aur hum khub saari movies dekhenge and discuss karenge :-)

Simmi – Alright I know right now you must be having a broad smile on your face… and now after reading your name it would have turned into laughter. Haina haina haina Simmi?? :-D Just be like this always… always laughing at everything. Thoda Kam kaam karna and itna seriously mat lena :-)

Mohit – Bhai, confessing it very honestly on public… It’s because of you only that I am moving out and going to have better life in .NET. I owe a big thanks to you. If you would not have been around then it would have been a bit more difficult for me. You are a fun loving, super intelligent guy… who just wants to have a better life. And I really appreciate you for that. I wish your dream of settling back to Punjab comes true soon. All the best!!

Surbhi – My so called sister :-D From the first day I met her I only knew that she wants to marry at the earliest. And since then there was no looking back. We teased her for every possible reason. Tum usse jo chahe bol lo but don’t you dare to utter a single word against Nishant. Agar tumne kuch bola toh bus tumhari khair nahi. Jabhi Surabhi mood mai hogi toh kuch bhi bolegi… kuch bhi matlab kuch bhi. He he he… It was wonderful knowing you my only sister at work:-P

Abhinav – The cutest guy of our team:-D No, No I am not pulling your leg… you literally are. Mr Well Behaved!! You will always find him so humble and so naïve that you just can’t say no to whatever he wants. Ardent Chicken lover:-P My FUN \m/ partner. I love your passion for dance buddy… and sometime I wish I could dance like you :-) And don’t worry yaar your release problem will be sort out soon and you will get it at the earliest and then we will party together.

Shivang – My opinion about Shivang kept on changing with time. When I met him for the first time I liked him, then when I got to know him a bit more I didn’t liked him and then finally when I got to know him well… I realized again that he a great guy :-) A nice person to be with. Jyada tension nahi lene ka… khub daru pine ka and chain se zindagi jine ka…that’s life in Shivang’s style :-) Keep this up buddy. Remember Joker – “Why so Serious"

Maggu – Wah ji Wah!!! :-D I wanted to work with you yaar… I wanted to know why simmi gets so frustrated on you:-P One more from the youngsters gang of our team who made me think I am getting old:-P Bindass… that’s maggu. A typical delhi-ite . You are Fun Maggu… with your ringtones, with your songs, with your dance and with your laughs. Be like this always :-)

Nandini – Beware of her PJ’s. When she is in mood no one can stand in front of her. Full on dedicated LTS resource. You don’t feel bored when she is around. She provides her little little inputs in between which will make you smile. Nice person to be with…Aur haan hamara FB par quizzes khelne wala plan abhi tak incomplete hai :-)

Glenda – Always focused and dedicated. That’s Glenda!!! I still wish the same for you which I told you couple of days back. She is absolutely different than any other girl of the team and is slightly above this normal world. It was indeed a pleasure knowing you.

Vicky – “Hey Hi this is Vicky!” Oops sorry yaar itni aadat ho gayi he sunne ki when I think of Vicky I think with this group of words only :-D A great guy who got involved with the us so easily and so early that we could not even think that he has just come and he is actually the lead. Pammi ji get married soon… count has reached to 19… and I know aapko aishwarya hi milegi :-)

Devashish – The Band Manager. The “Ghunni” as Ankita calls him. He speaks less and thinks more… and I believe it will take me another lifetime to understand what he thinks:-P Jokes apart he is nice guy fun to be with and good in having discussion :-)

Sujit – First of all thanks a lot Sujite from Vicky and my side. You came as a rescuer… you know what I am talking about ;-) A chilled out guy who loves fun. Just want to say… don’t take things too much seriously and especially in our cubicle toh bilkul hi nahi :-D

VT – VT mere dost… 100% percent committed to work and 200% committed to married women’s:-P Shaadi karle jaldi se…nahi toh fir koi aunty bhi bhav nahi degi. A simple guy and a nice friend :-)

Savita – Jai Maharashta!!! :-D I don’t know after reading this I will get a dangerous look or a straight punch from her. This is the case with Savita… you have watch twice what you are speaking in front of her. A focused girl who tries to balance her work and her interests to the max. I wish you become a great classical dancer :-)

Aparna – A great lady. I didn’t get chance to interact with you much but somehow I respect you a lot. Hope we might get to work together sometime in future :-)

Smita – Didn’t get much chance to deal with you… But only thing I know is that you deal with bombs:-P Jokes apart from whatever I got to hear I feel you are technically very strong. Hope to work with you too sometime in future.

Anjali – The new girl :-) A special set of good luck to you for handling the biggest challenge of your life in form of Ankita. Wishing you all the good luck :-)

Ashutosh – First of all I would say he is a good person. One thing which I like the most about him that he actually sits with the team and try to solve the problem which is unlike all the managers I dealt with personally. It’s always nice chatting with you about XYZ things. And I am definitely going to miss out on “when I was in…” sessions :-) Congratulations and all the very best for your married life Sir.

And now last but not the least it the turn of my oldest friend here…. Aatif – I will write just one line from which you can estimate how good friend we are. There has been not a single day in entire 3 Years and 7 Months when we both have come to office and have not met. That’s what Me and Aatif are :-) He is simply an outstanding guy. There is nothing which Aatif can’t do and I hope everyone will agree to it. Always available to do anything for friends. I feel really proud to have a friend like him. Today only we gave him a new name – CC (cartoon character). I can write a whole chapter on Aatif so better I will take it offline with him :-) Just want to Thank you for bearing me with all my worst possible mood swings. You are life saver for me buddy :-)

Baap re!!!!!!!!! itna bada mail. Seems like Mai senti ho gaya :-P Well to be honest thoda sa toh ho hi gaya hu :-)

Thanks a lot guys for making this place better for me. Each one of you holds a different and special place in my life. And I know we will be touch :-)

Aur haan… Party is due!!! Jha will plan it soon :-D

Love you All.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yet Another day in History!!!

Sachin Tendular!!! For many it’s just another name but for me it’s one name with which I have grown up being myself. One name which has actually taught me the meaning of Cricket. One name which made me understands the true feeling of sportsmanship. One name which made not only me but almost every Indian to celebrate Cricket as religion. One name which undoubtedly deserve to be called as the living Legend.

Yesterday the Legend added one more diamond to his crown and gave us every reason to cherish for being part of this era, HIS ERA. He climbed one more step ahead to become the most invincible person in this Game by scoring the undefeatable double ton in limited over form of cricket. Something which was only dreamed about, something which was considered as the benchmark. I remember the time when score of 220-230 use to be called as a competitive score and now a single individual the Legend Sachin has done it all alone.

When Sachin scored his 200th run, though I was not watching it live but, I could feel the emotional outburst which must have occur in every Indian’s heart. It was one proud moment for each one of us. If it would have been any other Indian may be Sehwag, Dhoni or Yuvraaj then also we would have been happy, we would have felt proud and we would have celebrated. But when it comes from Sachin it’s something different, something more personal and something which makes us feel this is ours.

Almost every one of my age has grown up watching Sachin redefining the Cricket for them and I am sure each one has this dream hidden in some corner of their heart. And when He… as they say… The GOD of Cricket actually did it... everything became so colourful. Millions of dream came alive at one moment. Responses were flooded from all across the globe. People Twitting, FBing, Partying and Celebrating in every corner of the world. It has to happen because it was Sachin.

Sachin is inside me, inside you and inside every cricket follower. That’s why we call it "Hamara Sachin" :-)

Long live Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar!!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Poll of the Day

Saw 2012 few days back. Lot of questions popped up in my mind after watching the movie. Trying to collate few and throwing an open question for all you readers.

What could be the probable reason for the end of the world?

1) Alien Invasion
2) Drastic Climatic changes in earth's atmosphere
3) Boom-Bang of Asteroids and Meteorite
4) Sudden turbulence inside earth's crust
5) Mean Machines/Artificial Intelligence

P.S. – Extra points for guessing the movie(s) related to each option :P
P.P.S. - Can expect a detailed blog on each option some day :D
P.P.P.S - My first ever poll post :)

Mood - Relaxed
Muzic - Shukran Allah :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009


I always hated Bombay for being so over-crowded, so noisy, so congested, so humid but lately I realized it’s just fun to be in Bombay if you have some seriously good company to roam around and few good Men to save your life from all the turmoil’s of this so called biggest Metropolitan city of the country. And I feel really lucky to have few such Special people in my life who changed my outlook towards the city. It has been a new experience every time exploring it with them. In fact I feel my every trip to Bombay is worth writing a new story :)

If someone asks me what’s one thing which I appreciate the most about Bombay, I would say – The high energy state of the town. It keeps you driving each time, every time and all the time. No matter how tired you are how tensed you are, it makes you run run run for your life and that’s what excites me the most. No matter whatever happens today, next day you need to run with the city to catch up with the world.

It’s actually a delight to see entirely different India at two different corners of the same city. If you are somewhere near the suburbs you will get the feel of typical India – crowded places, cribbing for small small thing, somewhat satisfied life, typical Indian minded people who don’t mind dyeing as if they never existed but are simply the best for their FAMILY. And on the contrary if you go to downtown side, the SOUTH BOMBAY, you will see the upcoming face of India. Sky scrapers, massive corporate houses, Hotels with world class hospitality, people who aspires for achieving excellence in their lives and making India from just a country to THE country in the world. It’s just so contrasting but you get the true picture of our country through different shades of this city.

I always wanted to get an opportunity to live in the city for at least a couple of year. But firstly I never took any step for this WISH of mine and secondly I think Mr. Fate had some other plans for me ;) Anyways I believe life is NOT too short for my wishes, I just have a hundred of them :P

(Disclaimer – I just want to be there in Bombay for a year or so, no plans of getting settled there. For a typical self driven Indorian like me it’s so very difficult to even think about it :P)

My Bombay friends Amit, Sapan, Purva, Abha, Saurabh, Neha, Dipen & the entire Solar System Gang this one’s for you - BOMBAY ROCKS!!!! :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lazy Saturday!!!

I was waiting for an unplanned weekend from long and seems like it’s here :) Friday ended quite early unlike my usual Fridays. I dozed off at around 12 only. So early? Right!! This was majorly because my mental stress level was at its all time low: P (Timeframe – last one year) and also coz of sleep’s which I had accumulated over the weeks. So I had good night’s sleep which got over at 9 in the morning with a cup of tea. Post Morning and Afternoon passed listening some beautiful numbers from APKGK, Wake Up Sid and Dostana. After a long I was devoting some time specifically to music and to tell you I literally realized I was deprived of music from last 2-3 months...But never mind I felt real good lazing out, eating all the junk food, reading a bit with some soft Indi music playing around my ears. It was Heaven!!! :) And then it was the time for a rare and precious afternoon nap. My Precious: P.

Evening went to Basho’s with school friends. Nice secluded place, cool ambiance, chilled out crowd and good food. It’s majorly famous for the Sheesha aka Hukka. Though Hukka has never been my cup of it, may be coz I was not knowing the proper way of smoking it. But people around me are literally crazy after this damm thing, so out of choice I was forced to give it one more try. My all earlier tries had been futile but today finally with my consistent tries and diligent efforts I was able to inhale this flavoured charcoal through my lungs without coughing out aloud :). It was kind of proud moment for me, as now I was on same level with everyone on the table: P. Dinner went on well. Food at the place was good, can be considered when we talk about places with good food quality in Pune. We wrapped up the eve with the delicious Ice-cream at the Natural’s. I really wonder how they manage to keep it so natural and pure. Natural’s ice-cream is one of those rare good things to eat which we don’t get in Indore as if now.

Reached back home at 12. Had few good chat sessions with my friends staying in West continents. And now writing this EOD blog to give a perfect ending to Lazy, Calm and Cool Saturday!!! :)

P.S. – Feeling great, writing blog on consecutive days that too after I almost stopped writing. Credit goes to my friend Mr IIM who has recently started writing on 365 basis. He has always been the source of inspiration to me. One complete blog due on you my friend, someday :)

P.P.S – Achievement of the day: Learned smoking Hukka!! :D But still Hukka hits me more than Alcohol: P

P.P.P.S – Bought 2 States, hope it’s a good read. Hoping to start it tomorrow after finishing Everything you Desire which M trying to read from last 3-4 months :P (M not such a bad reader, but was somehow not able to read lately)

Mood: Calm
Muzic: Kuch Kam (Dostana)