Friday, October 23, 2009

The CALL!!!

How does it feels when you are waiting for a CALL (not like the call from GOD for enlightenment: P) and your cell phone is not ringing only?? I believe you genuinely become quite anxious and get totally restless. Same thing is happening with me from last 10-12 days. Last to last Saturday I was told I will get a CALL in the middle of next week. It was going to be one decisive call and was definitely more than important for me. Being a total techi, I was like middle of next week means spot on Wednesday. Somehow I managed to keep my anxiety to a normal human level till Wednesday but could not control it beyond that. Whole day I was intact with my cell phone and was checking the network in every 5 minutes. Usually I get at least 2-3 calls daily from unknown numbers by the executives of this and that bank selling their investment plans or giving me a lifetime free credit card, but today was the ironical day; I didn’t get any call from any unknown number :(. My wrist watch beeped 6.00 PM highlighting official EOD. I somehow consoled myself by giving the excuse that Okay with the standard IST mid of next week can stretch up to the end of next week as well. I waited for the CALL on the Thursday too but today the nervousness was on a bit lower scale as I was leaving for home and was looking forward to a good trip :) But somehow at the back of my mind it was there, the prolonged eagerness for the CALL was there :). Alas!!! No call on Thursday too:|. Anyways Friday started, I had one of the best journeys of my life time the other night. I was all excited and all fired up, and somehow was quite a bit casual about the call now. Around 5 P.M. I stepped into my new CAR and the moment I started the ignition I saw this unknown number singing ‘One Love’ for me. With a bit of nervousness I picked up the call…and Yes it was the CALL which I was waiting for :)

Please!!!!!!!Don’t tell me!!!!!! The CALL leads me to another call :( The person on the other line, that day, informed me that I will be getting one another call on some day at some time. I was like… Nahii!!!!!! Enough of the patience, I am not calm and composed type of guy who can take this new surprises and new shocks just like that :(. But to be honest, I didn’t really have any other option then to linger on whatever is happening…. So I again waited for the next CALL :)

Next call came… though some 45 minutes late to what was communicated to me but that was quite in sync with the typical IST thing, so I didn’t bother much ;). Call went on decently. I was just hoping this call should not take me to another waiting stage. Just before the call was about to end, the guy, informed me “Okay. The same person will get back to you.” I was again like… No ways!! Not again :( One more waiting stage :(

I feel like I am a Thread who is forcefully pushed to waiting state and can be invoked back again by some external interrupt only :(. The second call was on Tuesday and its Friday again… No new CALL yet!! My wait is turning out to be an eternal wait:| But now I am quite Okay and not all that anxious about it, in fact I am feeling quite optimistic and hoping for some good positive outcome of this entire dramatic wait for the CALL!!! :)

I believe waiting is no fun for anyone until and unless you are doing it for your beloved ;). Top it all if it’s about a CALL then getting restless and anxious is so human :)

Hope it results in something good!!!

P.S. - M quite happy writing after a gap of almost two months. It’s so fun to write your thoughts :)

Mood: Cheerful

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