Monday, August 31, 2009

Some Random Updates!!!

29th/30th Aug 09 – Day to be recorded in the Indian Formula One history. Fisichella showed some real good moves and managed to get the pole position on grid during qualifying. Race Day - First ever official point for Force India that too in the form of podium finish. What more to ask for!! Way to go Fisi and Force India. Now Malaya has every reason to celebrate!!!

Gunners Gunned Down!!! Manu defeated Arsenal in a worth watch match of EPL. Diaby’s own goal proved fatal for the Gunners!!

US Open
starting today. Stage is set for King FedEx, the father of twin, to set one more benchmark. Can he be the first one to win 6 US open grand slams in sequence post open era? (King has won US open 2004-2008). Though luck has never favored the fathers in Tennis but can Feddy overcome this notion and buy a memorable gift for his kids?

P.S. – Descent weekend, had a lot of food and a lot of sleep: D, though just one movie :(

P.P.S – Hangover is must watch for every drunkard. You don’t really know what all you can do after being druged :D

P.P.P.S – Pani Puri is still the best junk food we can ever get :)

P.P.P.P.S - Discovery of the weekend – Sheesha gives me more hit then alcohol: P

P.P.P.P.P.S - Why you feel infuriated of yourself? Why can’t you travel back and change the things? Why life is so complicated and messy? Can’t it be as smooth as Maza? :P

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Friday, August 28, 2009

3 Years in Infy!!!!3

3 years in this corporate world!!!!!

Congratulations to entire Aug06LC2/Aug06FT2 batch for completing three f***ing years in Infy. I know few left, chasing their dream but I also know many are still hanging up in here and they are the reason to cheer :)

Kudos to each one of US!!!

I don’t really know how I am feeling but definitely this moment is nothing but a benchmark for me. If I go down the lane and think about 28th Aug 2006 – the thoughts I had then, the Goals I had then & the dreams I had THEN - I really wonder I am still in here. Anyways that’s altogether a different story. Right now somehow I am getting an urge of jotting down what have I found and what have I lost in these three Long/Short years!!! So here goes my shot…

Found my Individual Identity, Lost Papa’s Name in my name :(

Found time for self, lost time for family

Found Lots and Lots of Movies, Lost the television

Found Guitar, Found more depth in the music

Found Ronan Maroon Greenday, Retained BSB WestLife Bryan LP, Lost Britney and JLo

Found Boulevard & Californication, Lost We’ll Rock you

Found taste of Alcohol, Lost virginity to OH group of compound

Found GF SIGnature and Old Monk, Lost street soda and Nariyal Pani!!!

Found Barista CCD & Mocha, Lost Ghamandi Gujrat & Sarafa

Found my laptop, Lost Pen & Paper

Found my dream bike, Lost the Dreams :|

Found Julia Michelle Katrina, Lost Aishwarya and Zinta

Found Squash & Football, Lost the Cricket

Found a bit of cooking but Lost mumma’s food :(

Found quite a bit of FAT, Lost a lot of hairs :P

Found new Friends, Found more Friends but still intact with the old friends :) :)

Found few life savers, Found some real good mentors :)

Found different dimensions for career, but still hanging up with the CAT-obsession :D

Found a new world with my own blog & the FB, Lost the hesitation to be open :)

Found a bit of maturity, lost the innocence

Found a bit of practical philosophy, retained the emo-logy ;)

Found my wishlist, and still have the zeal to make it up :)

Found my life time obsession, Lost the commitment.

Found my passion - three things to die for, but lost the determination

Found new aspirations, Lost the old goals which could never make up :|

P.S. – I know many can relate themselves with these feelings coz each one is in the same boat ;)

P.P.S – I wish I could believe on who gives a shit funda, always, but sala can’t help it :P

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Independence Day!!!

It’s going to be the Sixty-Third Independence Day of our nation. As they say we got independent and librated on the same day some 62 years back. I sometimes wonder, we have so many different cast, creed, cultures within this one country but still we are united. What is it that keeps us bind together? And to my surprise I do come up with an answer. I think it’s about Belongingness. You go to any part of the nation or to any community; you can somehow relate yourself with it. You feel you belong here, these are your people. These are the people who will talk to you and help you irrespective of knowing you. And probably that is why though we fight, we cry, we crib but still we are together!!! :)

Now a days we, as a country, are facing challenges from every possible corner. Sometimes it’s in the form of some terroristic intrusions and related activities from our beloved neighboring countries, sometimes troubles pour in with the economic downturns, at times it’s our own politicians who bring tension by fighting on the names of region & religion, then comes the nature making us fight to survive against floods and famines, and what not!!! But still we the Nation are standing against each situation shouting it out aloud – Boss!! Though we might get scared in the beginning but we are not going to get you on our nerves. We will fight and fight hard to throw you out like we do to every other problem which comes in our way. And I feel this passion of US is the key which keeps this country of over a Billion
Up & Running!!!

Let’s show the same passion & fight against this latest epidemic called “Swine Flu” which is creating havoc amongst each one of us. Let’s eradicate it in the same way we eliminated other pandemics like bird flu, Plague & Dengue. People are scared to death. Let’s make them understand not to panic and stay calm. Just try to keep yourself away from any kind of infection by avoiding being part of any mob. It’s just another problem which we have to fight for!!!

Let’s Help Ourselves!!!!

Jai Hind!!

Muzic: Hai preet jaha ki reet sada!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Perfect Road Trip!!!

8 Friends + 5 Bikes + 200 Kms Ride + Mountain Biking + Trek to Koraigad = Perfect Road Trip.

The above one liner makes very clear by itself what am I going to share with you today. So let’s not mess around and straight away bring it ON!!! :)

People: Aditya, Amar, Amu, Aneesh, Sujay, Summu, Swapy & ME (College pals)

Props: 1 KariZma, 1 Unicorn, 2 Pulsars, 1 Passion

As it was decided, we all started for our planned journey for Koraigad trek @ around half past 7 in the morning. Koraigad is a fort which was part of the Shivaji Maharaj’s Kingdom and was supposedly built around 1500 AD. It’s some 25 Kms from Lonavala. We reached bottom of the hill at 12.00 PM covering some really beautiful panoramic views of Bushi Dam & Tiger hills on the way, surpassing some un-called troubles of puncture and all. Before starting the trek we rode to the entrance of the famous Ambi valley as well. And finally we started riding up the hill at 12.40. I had heard its one of the easiest trek around and won’t be much of a mess. But for most of us it was the trek after almost a year. And with the 3 years of IT experience on the tummy you know how difficult it is to walk a single yard for a typical Software Engineer. So, coz of all these conditions, after walking a couple of mile everyone had one reaction - who the F**K said it’s an easy trek :D and I think only I had the answer ;) (Riya I hope you are reading this: P) But it was just the initial trauma, we all reached safely and healthily to the top in 60 mins. It’s always an excellent feeling to reach the summit. Hill top had huge Plain area with a couple of small water ponds too. The cool breeze flowing around made me feel totally relaxed and free from all the troubles :) We explored the entire peak in 2 hrs, saw some ancient structures “TOOPs” & all & enjoyed the nice view of ambi valley. We reached back down the hill in some 30 mins of time only.

The parking guy told us there is a short cut to Pune which goes via Mulshi, road is not all that great but buses comes by that way. We thought about taking a chance and decided to take the short cut. As soon as we started on the new way we realized roads are not only bad in fact they are worst. In couple of Kms ride only I had the feeling – Boss!! THIS is going to be eventful: D

This path way was going through within the mountains. We were riding one mountain coming back down again to hoop on to the next one. It was a bumpy ride with lots of see-saw patches. We encountered lot of waterfalls; roads were completely submerged with the water coming from the falls. We could see high hills at the left of us and deep valleys to the right. Few patches were completely engrossed in the trees giving the perfect feel of forest. It was absolutely a mountain biking experience which we see on discovery. Travelling in the mountains on the deserted roads where no one’s there to ask whether you are going right or wrong, It was simply splendid and thriller. You can estimate the complexity of road if I tell you – it took us around 2 hours to cover the distance of 40 kms. As we started approaching Mulshi we could see the Lake moving along with us below the hill. We were lucky enough to catch the RAINBOW as well and I must tell - it was a mesmerizing view, Rainbow on one side and the never ending Lake on the other. Absolutely a delight. We reached back to Chandani chowk at around 7.00 PM with our milometer saying 200 KMS :) I rode my kariZma alone for 200 K’s :)

It was a tricky move that we took but if you have your fuel tanks intact and you are all GUYS then it’s worth taking the risk. We had more fun on this mountain biking then climbing up to the Koraigad Fort. And that’s what we call a Perfect Road Trip.

Few Pics from the trip:

Around Tiger hills

At the hill top

The Hawk wondering over the hill

The Beautiful Lake

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Friendship Day

Ok!!!! It’s going to be just like yet another conventional Friendship day Post. But yaar…They as “Friends” deserved to be acknowledged at every possible occasion, so how can I miss THE day for expressing my gratitude towards THEM saying…. BOSS!!! You are the one who keeps me going after every upside turn I face, every disappointment I had and top it all by being there to share every little happiness I have.

Some people say you don’t need Friendship day to cherish the beauty of this relation but I say though every day is for Friends but what’s the problem in specifically dedicating one more day for them :)

So here goes my list of acknowledgements…..I hope you can identify yourself in at least one of the category :)

This one’s for my School Friends who are always there in my thick and thin, my sorrows and my joys, my goods and my bads. It’s like we are there together for so long that I can’t even differentiate you are my friend or family!! :)

This one’s for my College Friends with whom I have grown up from being a stupid na├»ve absolutely dumbo Kid to a somewhat cunning, lil bit lively, quite more aware and a totally freak EnGinEeR. You have given me a way to think about my future. To summarize you are the spice of my life :)

This one’s for my Training Friends with whom I took the first steps of this so-called corporate world and who made me realize THIS world is ain’t different then what I was living in. How can I forget the wonderful exhilarating outing trips we have had…you are the one’s with whom I have travelled out the most :)

This one’s for my Project Friends who actually made my life worth living in B-15 and who gives me a reason to come to office every day I get up. Sometimes I feel I am the luckiest person on this earth to be associated with 2 teams which are by far the BEST to work with!!! :)

This one’s for my Roommates/Society Friends with whom I literally enjoyed the fun of staying away from home. With the kind of love and pamper I get from you all I never realized I am living away from my family with absolutely strangers. With you all I get to understood staying with seniors is so much fun!! I can undoubtedly speak out aloud…. you are the BEST people to Live with :)

This one’s for my Lunch Group Friends who made me being myself. If I start writing about you here this page will become too short to convey my emotions for you…but the only thing which I want to say – I owe you a lot. In my entire day of office schedule the most happening thing which I always look forward to is/was LUNCH!! :)

This one’s for my Fellow Blogger Friends who has given me an altogether different world to live in. Though I am trying real hard to make an impression in this world of blogging and sadly haven’t got much success but I must tell you…You all have marked your impressions well within. I really love reading you all. This is the best thing which has happened to me off late :)

This one’s for those whom can’t be categorized in any other category and I feel this itself is a reason of joy for me. Despite of not having any formal channel you have embarked your unique identity in my life. This includes few whom I respect the most, few I love the most, few with whom I enjoy the most and few who made my life worthwhile with his/her peculiar style. You people are like a gift which makes me happy every time I think about :)

And And And Last but not the least… This one’s for my GECU Friends who have become the inherent part of my life. You are one of the finest discoveries of all time for me. You have made every single moment of my last 2-3 years count & have made this world a better place for me. Sometimes I wonder what if I would have met you all earlier. You are the LiFe SaVeRs for me :)

Yippieee!!! The acknowledging part is done and somehow I am getting an urge of apologizing to a few people whom I have hurt knowing or unknowingly. So just a quick apology too :)

This one’s for few of them whom I have hurt in one way or the other. I know I have been mean to you and have made you feel bad with my misdeed. But you yourself know deep within about me and aware how it goes with me. All I want to say is “Forget the past, look for the future. I promise not to repeat any of those heart burning actions again in coming future” :)

Happy Friendship Day to one and All

Thanks for being part of my life :)

Three cheers to you all!!!!

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