Saturday, November 7, 2009


I always hated Bombay for being so over-crowded, so noisy, so congested, so humid but lately I realized it’s just fun to be in Bombay if you have some seriously good company to roam around and few good Men to save your life from all the turmoil’s of this so called biggest Metropolitan city of the country. And I feel really lucky to have few such Special people in my life who changed my outlook towards the city. It has been a new experience every time exploring it with them. In fact I feel my every trip to Bombay is worth writing a new story :)

If someone asks me what’s one thing which I appreciate the most about Bombay, I would say – The high energy state of the town. It keeps you driving each time, every time and all the time. No matter how tired you are how tensed you are, it makes you run run run for your life and that’s what excites me the most. No matter whatever happens today, next day you need to run with the city to catch up with the world.

It’s actually a delight to see entirely different India at two different corners of the same city. If you are somewhere near the suburbs you will get the feel of typical India – crowded places, cribbing for small small thing, somewhat satisfied life, typical Indian minded people who don’t mind dyeing as if they never existed but are simply the best for their FAMILY. And on the contrary if you go to downtown side, the SOUTH BOMBAY, you will see the upcoming face of India. Sky scrapers, massive corporate houses, Hotels with world class hospitality, people who aspires for achieving excellence in their lives and making India from just a country to THE country in the world. It’s just so contrasting but you get the true picture of our country through different shades of this city.

I always wanted to get an opportunity to live in the city for at least a couple of year. But firstly I never took any step for this WISH of mine and secondly I think Mr. Fate had some other plans for me ;) Anyways I believe life is NOT too short for my wishes, I just have a hundred of them :P

(Disclaimer – I just want to be there in Bombay for a year or so, no plans of getting settled there. For a typical self driven Indorian like me it’s so very difficult to even think about it :P)

My Bombay friends Amit, Sapan, Purva, Abha, Saurabh, Neha, Dipen & the entire Solar System Gang this one’s for you - BOMBAY ROCKS!!!! :)


  1. Yooooooooo!!!! very true...
    Bombay Rocks and so do you n your blog!

    Good going buddy, btw gurgoan is another place whr you can really make out contrast in every respect

    One beautiful thing about Bombay is here you see all the layers n flavours of society & life

    I love Mum-bhai, city of dreams and life:)

  2. Hi Amit,

    I know you must be feeling very proud to be associated with Mumbai some way or the other :)

  3. True Lies! Nahar Bhai..

    BTW undoubtedly this city simply rocks!!

  4. After reading ur this post, found a motive to write abt Mumbai & NY someday. Both these cities I love..

    Keep writing..

  5. AB,

    I love everybody who loves Bombay. It is my m blood. I have shed blood and sweat in that city and nothing more enchanting then the city.

    7 yrs, i have been away, and now starving for every moment spent here. :)

    Soon will be back in my Bombay.

  6. Hi Ken,

    My good wishes for you. You will be in Bombay soon :)

  7. Gunjan,

    Post is awaited on your Fav City :)