Saturday, November 21, 2009

Poll of the Day

Saw 2012 few days back. Lot of questions popped up in my mind after watching the movie. Trying to collate few and throwing an open question for all you readers.

What could be the probable reason for the end of the world?

1) Alien Invasion
2) Drastic Climatic changes in earth's atmosphere
3) Boom-Bang of Asteroids and Meteorite
4) Sudden turbulence inside earth's crust
5) Mean Machines/Artificial Intelligence

P.S. – Extra points for guessing the movie(s) related to each option :P
P.P.S. - Can expect a detailed blog on each option some day :D
P.P.P.S - My first ever poll post :)

Mood - Relaxed
Muzic - Shukran Allah :)


  1. Nothing. This world will never end. There are so many unfullfilled dreams. It will never end.

  2. btw, how was new yr celebration?

  3. It was just a thought Sir. Majorly influenced by the kind of movies which we get to see now days. Talking in general sense...end of world is simply un-realistic..rather I should say we cant afford it.