Monday, June 29, 2009

Mafia Wars!!!!

Weekend comes and Weekend Goes!!!!! Aaaahhh…this is the feeling which I guess everyone amongst us have on each Monday morning. Right?? Ok I will not waste any of your reading time in blabbering about how sad and irritating these Monday mornings are. I will straight away come to point and write about the Maniac Weekend I had.

This time weekend started for me on Friday itself. I left from office quite late at around 8 (considering it’s me and it was Friday it’s actually very late: P: P). On the way to home I planned for the late night show of "NewYork". I was quite excited about the movie as it was after a long time some "supposedly" good Hindi movie was to be screened. But all my excited went into vein after watching the movie. NewYork was an utter disappointment. Though initially I tried hard to appreciate at least something in the movie, (I am a movie aficionado, for me every movie has at least something to offer), but gradually my urge for finding "some-thing" worth in the movie was killed by the terrible performance of every actor. And above all the story line of the movie was even more catastrophic. There were many loop-holes in the script. Movie was just going and going - out of direction. All & All NewYork proved to be a fatal disaster and was way below expectations.

Rating: 2/5.

After coming back from the Movie we had this usual "Tea" session at our house with this masterpiece of comedy (people call it) "Angur". By the time movie got over I was totally submerged in my favorite time pass of browsing the net and chatting with my few selected pals who are awake at this late night hour. I was completing engrossed into FB, Orkut, Gmail stuff and then I saw this one hell of a thing called "Mafia-Wars". Though at that time I just explored this stupid dam thing and after giving a couple of hours to understand it I just kept it aside for a while and decided to doze off as it was already 5 A.M in the morning.

Next day started for me in the P.M. timelines only. I got up at 12 P.M. Then after having some breakfast stuff at lunch time I again headed towards Mafia-Wars. By this time I had understood that it’s all about doing some stupid jobs, having the best weapons & armors for your Mafia team, fighting with some random Mafia’s, gaining experience and reaching to the next higher level. And then the journey for achieving the excellence begins. I spent hours of my weekend in playing this hell of a game and reached to Level 13 from Level 1. Addiction was so high that I didn’t even moved out of my house for the entire Saturday and Sunday. I was eating as a Mafia; I was sleeping as a Mafia. In dreams too I was hallucinating and was fighting with the Gun in my hand and bullet proof shield on my vest. Man!!! After a long time I have found something which has made me crazy like this. At times I do felt what am I doing...just wasting my time sitting in front of my lappy ignoring everyone around. Butttt...Who cares!!! I was enjoying :) :)

Meanwhile, gladly though, I did managed to spare time for my primary obsession – Movies. I saw some 2-3 real good movies.

Page 3 – I know you will say…What!!!!!!!! You haven’t seen it yet. And the answer is Yes!! I somehow missed it. So saw it on television on Saturday. It’s yet another Madhur Bhandarkar typo. A certainly true depiction of glamour world. Focusing on how News is governed by these Big-shots and whatever we get to read-see is not exactly the truth. A good thought provoking movie.

Rating: 3.5/5

Longest Yard – A typical Adam Sandler movie with all the goodie goodie stuff. One man, frustrated out of himself, finally finds happiness after getting in to Jail with his fellow inmates. Slow comedy movie. Can be watched as a stress buster.

Rating: 3/5

The Prestige – Ohh Boy!!! This is one of the classics. When you are watching a Christopher Nolan movie you can definitely expect something out of the box. The movie is about 2 magicians who started their career together but with the cores of time turns in to rivals. Awesome acting by Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. Fantastic script and direction of Nolan makes it simply the best. It’s rated as 8.5 on IMDB and no doubt it’s worth it.

Rating: 4/5

So this is it. Weekend Gone with a couple of achievement. One the great "Mafia Wars!!!!!" I really feel proud to be a Mafia. And second "The Prestige" Must watch!!!!

That was weekend and this is Monday. I am sitting here, after doing a couple of regular ticket related stuff + the monthly desktop audit for my team + uploading some review shits to the SharePoint (aaah...all sounds so boringgggg), waiting for my friend to call me for Lunch :( :( :(. "Change is inevitable: P: P: P""

P.S. – I am desperately looking for increasing my Mafia team size. Anyone who is reading this and plays Mafia please please give me your FB id...

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