Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Movie Review - "X-Men Origins: Wolvorins

Saw Wolverine yesterday...first reaction after coming out of theater - not up to the expectations!!!

If you are making a prequel to any movie series which has already been quite a big hit, then the expectations out of it is immense. Same happened here, Wolverine – though is a good watch but can’t really match the excellence of X-Men Series.

Hugh Jackman has done a descent job but somehow he could not create the same aura which he exhibited in the other movies, which was actually needed here…In all other movies he was just the part of League but here it was all about him. He was the solo lead for this flick. Also the story line of movie was a bit vague…things were going quite speedily and off the record.

Though it had some fantastic action sequence which were really breath taking but the charisma of "Mutant - Power" was somewhat missing.

I can remember a couple of really good dialogues from the movie which I liked a lot:

Victor: "No one kills you but me".

Logan: "We are over Victor"

Victor: "We are brothers Jimmy & Brothers look for each other".

All n all... a little disappointment (coz of expectations). But yeah anytime a good watch.

I would rate it as 6/10.

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  1. I was so thoroughly disappointed. I am huge fan of series and this particular character. But it was sad. I pushed friends with me and they were bored as well.

    Poor screenplay, decent story, few good twist, but very bad execution. 11th weapon was really stupid.


  2. Agreed...same happened to me as well...utter disappointment. I too love the concept of mutants a lot. Entire X-Men series was a delight.
    And off course of all them Wolvorine is the most loved ones. This one deserved to be better.

    Can't criticize XI more....he was a total disaster.

    I have heard they are coming up with one more on the track. It will be focussed majorly on Magneto.