Monday, February 23, 2009

Hello World!!!!!

After ages of cribbing and no no’s I have finally made myself to write something out of my own, instead of copying it down from somewhere ;). Now I seriously don’t know what this something is going to be. It’s actually a mystery for me ....n its going to be unfolded in front me in the same way as it is going to be for you people. Probably I should say I will re-discover myself with you guys :). This "something" can be anything movies, music, books, cricket, tennis any possible stuff which I have clue of :). My intent would be to convert this something to every possible thing.

I actually wanted to write ever since I read my first book (don’t want to recall but yeah sadly it was The Alchemist :( ). But the real enlightment came after “Five point someone” which I read very after the Alchemist. I was totally mesmerized by Chetan Bhagat’s writing style and was forced to believe books are not all that bad ..... And since then there was no looking back.... Inspired by so many of Indian writers I am finally preparing myself to take the plunge in this beautiful world of words, hoping to get myself engrossed in the love of language.

I will need your feedbacks both the positive and the negative to boost me up and improve upon my shortcomings. So guys here comes my very first Official post on the blog :)


  1. good..infact very good....very patient u r to write so much!!!

  2. Boss......I am proud of u that u tried something different.......something thats not very easy...and especially when u have got ciritics like me and ajay :)

    Keep blogging, and I will keep trying to spend sometime on ur writings.

  3. Hey buddy thanks a ton yaar :)
    A writer can be successful only with the great critics... so hoping for more and more comments from you :)

  4. Hey Nahar...Good to see that you started penning your thoughts...its not an easy task..but you are potent enough to do I suggested you do write about your daily experiences...things happening around you..that would be even more interesting to keep writing...All the best :)

  5. Okk Sirji...Your wish is my command :)
    Will try to write about the points which you mention.