Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Friendship Day

Ok!!!! It’s going to be just like yet another conventional Friendship day Post. But yaar…They as “Friends” deserved to be acknowledged at every possible occasion, so how can I miss THE day for expressing my gratitude towards THEM saying…. BOSS!!! You are the one who keeps me going after every upside turn I face, every disappointment I had and top it all by being there to share every little happiness I have.

Some people say you don’t need Friendship day to cherish the beauty of this relation but I say though every day is for Friends but what’s the problem in specifically dedicating one more day for them :)

So here goes my list of acknowledgements…..I hope you can identify yourself in at least one of the category :)

This one’s for my School Friends who are always there in my thick and thin, my sorrows and my joys, my goods and my bads. It’s like we are there together for so long that I can’t even differentiate you are my friend or family!! :)

This one’s for my College Friends with whom I have grown up from being a stupid naïve absolutely dumbo Kid to a somewhat cunning, lil bit lively, quite more aware and a totally freak EnGinEeR. You have given me a way to think about my future. To summarize you are the spice of my life :)

This one’s for my Training Friends with whom I took the first steps of this so-called corporate world and who made me realize THIS world is ain’t different then what I was living in. How can I forget the wonderful exhilarating outing trips we have had…you are the one’s with whom I have travelled out the most :)

This one’s for my Project Friends who actually made my life worth living in B-15 and who gives me a reason to come to office every day I get up. Sometimes I feel I am the luckiest person on this earth to be associated with 2 teams which are by far the BEST to work with!!! :)

This one’s for my Roommates/Society Friends with whom I literally enjoyed the fun of staying away from home. With the kind of love and pamper I get from you all I never realized I am living away from my family with absolutely strangers. With you all I get to understood staying with seniors is so much fun!! I can undoubtedly speak out aloud…. you are the BEST people to Live with :)

This one’s for my Lunch Group Friends who made me being myself. If I start writing about you here this page will become too short to convey my emotions for you…but the only thing which I want to say – I owe you a lot. In my entire day of office schedule the most happening thing which I always look forward to is/was LUNCH!! :)

This one’s for my Fellow Blogger Friends who has given me an altogether different world to live in. Though I am trying real hard to make an impression in this world of blogging and sadly haven’t got much success but I must tell you…You all have marked your impressions well within. I really love reading you all. This is the best thing which has happened to me off late :)

This one’s for those whom can’t be categorized in any other category and I feel this itself is a reason of joy for me. Despite of not having any formal channel you have embarked your unique identity in my life. This includes few whom I respect the most, few I love the most, few with whom I enjoy the most and few who made my life worthwhile with his/her peculiar style. You people are like a gift which makes me happy every time I think about :)

And And And Last but not the least… This one’s for my GECU Friends who have become the inherent part of my life. You are one of the finest discoveries of all time for me. You have made every single moment of my last 2-3 years count & have made this world a better place for me. Sometimes I wonder what if I would have met you all earlier. You are the LiFe SaVeRs for me :)

Yippieee!!! The acknowledging part is done and somehow I am getting an urge of apologizing to a few people whom I have hurt knowing or unknowingly. So just a quick apology too :)

This one’s for few of them whom I have hurt in one way or the other. I know I have been mean to you and have made you feel bad with my misdeed. But you yourself know deep within about me and aware how it goes with me. All I want to say is “Forget the past, look for the future. I promise not to repeat any of those heart burning actions again in coming future” :)

Happy Friendship Day to one and All

Thanks for being part of my life :)

Three cheers to you all!!!!

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Mood: Grateful :)


  1. wow. wht a way to wish happy frndship day

  2. Thanks buddy.
    You are also part of that list :)