Friday, August 28, 2009

3 Years in Infy!!!!3

3 years in this corporate world!!!!!

Congratulations to entire Aug06LC2/Aug06FT2 batch for completing three f***ing years in Infy. I know few left, chasing their dream but I also know many are still hanging up in here and they are the reason to cheer :)

Kudos to each one of US!!!

I don’t really know how I am feeling but definitely this moment is nothing but a benchmark for me. If I go down the lane and think about 28th Aug 2006 – the thoughts I had then, the Goals I had then & the dreams I had THEN - I really wonder I am still in here. Anyways that’s altogether a different story. Right now somehow I am getting an urge of jotting down what have I found and what have I lost in these three Long/Short years!!! So here goes my shot…

Found my Individual Identity, Lost Papa’s Name in my name :(

Found time for self, lost time for family

Found Lots and Lots of Movies, Lost the television

Found Guitar, Found more depth in the music

Found Ronan Maroon Greenday, Retained BSB WestLife Bryan LP, Lost Britney and JLo

Found Boulevard & Californication, Lost We’ll Rock you

Found taste of Alcohol, Lost virginity to OH group of compound

Found GF SIGnature and Old Monk, Lost street soda and Nariyal Pani!!!

Found Barista CCD & Mocha, Lost Ghamandi Gujrat & Sarafa

Found my laptop, Lost Pen & Paper

Found my dream bike, Lost the Dreams :|

Found Julia Michelle Katrina, Lost Aishwarya and Zinta

Found Squash & Football, Lost the Cricket

Found a bit of cooking but Lost mumma’s food :(

Found quite a bit of FAT, Lost a lot of hairs :P

Found new Friends, Found more Friends but still intact with the old friends :) :)

Found few life savers, Found some real good mentors :)

Found different dimensions for career, but still hanging up with the CAT-obsession :D

Found a new world with my own blog & the FB, Lost the hesitation to be open :)

Found a bit of maturity, lost the innocence

Found a bit of practical philosophy, retained the emo-logy ;)

Found my wishlist, and still have the zeal to make it up :)

Found my life time obsession, Lost the commitment.

Found my passion - three things to die for, but lost the determination

Found new aspirations, Lost the old goals which could never make up :|

P.S. – I know many can relate themselves with these feelings coz each one is in the same boat ;)

P.P.S – I wish I could believe on who gives a shit funda, always, but sala can’t help it :P

Muzic: If Tomorrow Never Comes!!

Mood: Energetic


  1. many congratulations. i m nt sure if it is to celeberate or mourn.
    the worst thing corporate world does is to kill ur dreams. i was lucky i had not much of them when I entered. so still happy.
    i had new found dreams. and hope they will come true.
    day dreaming was my fav time kill and I still have that.

    anyway.. wish u all the best and see u coming true of all ur dreams.


  2. Exactly...thats what I am looking forward to...trying to complete all the dreams :)
    And as I wrote I have a wishlist too now :)