Monday, July 27, 2009

Experience makes you change!!!!

I felt like Déjàvu while reading a blog post from a fellow blogger.... and I think it happens with everyone. You see people gathered around on the road. Some Accident!! And you don’t bother and simply pass across without bothering what had happened. But sometimes you came across situations which can actually change your whole perceptions about this kind of scenario.

Few years back I encountered one similar situation. While driving back to home from my CAT classes I saw a mob gathered on the road...I thought it’s just the same daily accident and tried to escape by taking the narrow passageway available nearby. While crossing I saw the bike, which was incidentally the prop in the accident, lying down on the road. As soon as I crossed it, something struck me & I felt I have seen this bike somewhere. I immediately stopped and rushed back to check. As I reached to the middle of crowd, my fear came alive… the one who was lying on the ground was my friend. He was bleeding and was unconscious. I could not understand what had happened and did not know what to do. Only thing which came to my mind was HOSPITAL. With a fury I arranged for an auto, took my friend into it and rushed towards the hospital. On the way, I don’t know how and why; I asked the auto driver which hospital he is taking us to. And he replied the government hospital. Somehow by god’s grace it clicked to me that going to government hospital will definitely consume more time and my friend will not get any immediate remedy over there. I asked the auto driver to take us to a nearby known private hospital. My friend was still unconscious. We reached hospital in some 10 minutes of travelling. As soon as we reached I called in for help and my friend was immediately admitted to ICU. I am really thankful to the hospital folks who didn’t even bothered me for a single thing and started the procedure with an ASAP effect. The only thing, which I could recall, they asked me to do was to call his family. By the time my friend’s family reached hospital, Doctors had already done the CT scan and other formalities. They informed his family that we need to go for an immediate surgery. They also said we reached hospital right on time if it would have been any late then things might have had turned difficult. He went through a surgery in the middle of the night. But with his family around I had this sigh of relief. My friend took around 3 months to recover back but the only thing which matter is he is great now.

After this incident, if ever I encounter any similar situation I always make sure to at least have a look and ensure the sufferer is not left unattended. Earlier I also used to escape from these messy situations like most of us but sometimes experiences change your entire outlook towards life!!!!

P.S. It was around 4 years back and I am very thankful to god that my friend Sho is simply great now and is riding his bike with the same passion again :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

KariZma ka Charisma!!! :)

Yesterday got my new Bike Hero Honda KariZma :) :)

And And feels awesome riding it :)

P.S. - Wanted it ever since I took my first bike, kinda Dream come true....n M loving it :)

My Beauty!!! :)

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Spirituality is still Alive!!!!!

This weekend I went to yet another trip with few of my friends. It was supposed to be just like any other trip but eventually it turned out to be a bit different than any other conventional outing which we have had. The venue this time was some place called “Bhimashankar”. Its famous coz its one of the twelve Jyotirling of Lord Shiva and I had heard it’s situated on a hill top, had a really mesmerizing view, it rains almost all the time there in monsoon and bla bla….to summarize it was THE place to be in Monsoon. As you can easily make out…the prior thing (Lord Shiva’s temple) was of less importance to me as compared to the later stuff which I was looking forward too. But the ultimate result of the trip was totally opposite.

As and when I reached to the Temple I saw a big line of people waiting outside to get a slightest glimpse of the God. My first reaction after seeing the long queue was….Boss!!! It’s going to take a lot of time and I HATE crowd… :( :( but soon we started walking and became a part of queue. I saw people reciting various shlokas and speaking aloud “Ohm Namah Shivay, Ohm Namah Shivas” continuously …. we too joined them unknowingly and soon I started enjoying it J I eventually became part of that loud and energetic mob. I actually started feeling it from within. It was for around 1.5 hrs we were in queue; none of us was in mood of doing our usual bakar, everyone was calm and serene & was busy within himself, waiting for their turn to get a slight glimpse of the GOD.

The purity of thoughts and belief in superior power, when I was standing in the queue, made me realize that Spirituality is still Alive within us. It’s just like with the speedy pace of life we are trying to abridge and have slightly reduced giving time to God (which as a matter of fact is time given to self). But it’s there well within which can never be lost!!

I was really happy and was filled with positive vibes after the Darshan. I don’t know GOD exist or not, neither I want to prove it to anyone. What I know is I BELIEVE!! Every time I am in trouble I have one person to look forward to. HIM. And I know he will help me unconditionally.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rain and the Memories!!!

While reading Monsoon Memories blog-post from one of my fellow blogger I just thought about some nostalgic memories I have with THE RAIN. Posted few there….then realized why not share it here at my place as well :)

I too have some really crazy and lovely memories linked with Rain just like all of us.

When I was kid we used to collect the rain water at the roof of our house by blocking the water exit pipe and as the water level reached to some substantial level we used to do all sort of mischievous things in it which we can do in a swimming pool.... Imagine it used to be our personal pool: P

Playing football and cricket on the muddy ground, making ourselves totally dirty. I hope everyone has done that. If not, I must tell you, you have missed one of the sheer pleasures which you can have only in Rains.

Then when I got my bicycle, idea of fun changed… We started moving out on our supersonic cycles in the heavy rain. Our main areas of target used to be the street where huge amount of water gets deposit. We used to go there making to & fro rounds of street making our self totally drenched!!! (Now that water is not supposed to be hygienic…buttt who cares: D).

Then bicycle changed to motor bike…and suddenly I found myself in college...Idea of fun now changed to longgggg drives in thundering rain & the eye-crackling lightning, with the cutting "chai" on the roadside tapari, and "bhutta" on the street. Aaah...those were the best days :):)

Then came Pune...first year Rain went just like that…I think it was the symptom of becoming a typical lethargic Software engineer. I used to wonder why people say best season to be in Pune is Monsoon. But next year I found back my love and went for some really amazing Rain Tracks and Long drives in and around Pune. In particular a couple of rides with my college pals are very close to my heart. It was kind of re-union for us. We went to Lavasa and LohGarh. Awesome places...moving there on bikes was the extreme of joy. The way to Lavasa is simply superb. You will get to see the best scenic beauty around Pune on the way!!! LohGarh – the famous trekking place. We by mistake completed two different treks around the hill on the same day: D (don’t ask me what happened on the following day: P)

And this is my 3rd year in Pune...I am utterly excited and looking forward to have a beautiful and eventful Rainy Season. Hoping to add few more worthwhile memoirs to the list :) :)

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Roger Federer!!! Greatest Tennis player ever – Now on Records as well :) :)

Yes He did it!!!! This Sunday Roger Federer grabbed his 15th career grand slam and undisputedly declared himself as the greatest tennis player this world has ever seen. He surpassed the exuberant 14 grand slam record of The Great Pete Sampras. Federer’s well deserved accolade is finally coming on his way and that too on his favorite ground the Wimbledon. And he did it in front of some of the legends in themselves. Pete Sampras, Rod Laver, Bjorn Berg, Russell Crow, Sachin Tendulkar all were present in the center court to witness the history in the making.

But I was a bit disappointed by the final match between FedEx and Roddick. Entire marathon match was dominated by Roddick. I would rather say it was the best ever performance of Roddick and from Feddy it was just a very normal game. Roddick deserved victory more than FedEx in that particular match but as they say – "The Best Man always Win" same happened here and winning cup was handed over to The Great Roger Federer. Surprisingly there were no tears from king this time :)

I really liked the comments of people on this occasion:

Pete: "Roger is a great champion. He’s a friend, a great player and can get up to 18 or 19. He’s a legend, an icon and a credit to the game"

Roddick: "Sorry Pete I tried to hold him off".

Federer: "These are not goals you set as a little boy...this is unbelievable moment".

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