Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fight to rise above the Mob

Last week I read an interesting book with an equally interesting title by Mainak Dhar. It’s called “The funda of Mixology”. I am sure the topic will appeal to both kind of people, the one who drink and the one who don’t :). In the book, author has beautifully simulated life with a cocktail drink. He has tried to convey the sweet and concise message about blending various emotions to make life lively n vigorous, in a unique manner. As a drink requires exact proportion of its ingredients to make it perfect, on the same lines, your life demands bits and pieces of every flavour every colour available with you to make it successful. Life has many facets beyond one's career, such as one's passions outside of work, family, one's health etc. You cannot run after one aspect, sidelining the others, and achieve the zenith in your life. Focussing on your target is good but ignoring its repercussions is not wise.

Though the story was quite filmy and impractical but it had the essence to drag your attention. I am very much impressed by one particular poem mentioned in the book. It inspires to create your own identity and fight for it. It goes like this....

A thousand voiceless faces
cast in the same mould,
silently urging you
to do as you're told.

A thousand faceless voices
speaks in the same tone,
urging you to suppress
the song of your own.

Fight to rise above the mob
For when all is told and done,
All you really have to show
Is the little individuality you’ve won

I am not sure whether it will inspire you but it did to me, hence deserves an entry here.

All n all it’s just another book for all......but with a slightly different blend of flavour :)