Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Roger Federer!!! Greatest Tennis player ever – Now on Records as well :) :)

Yes He did it!!!! This Sunday Roger Federer grabbed his 15th career grand slam and undisputedly declared himself as the greatest tennis player this world has ever seen. He surpassed the exuberant 14 grand slam record of The Great Pete Sampras. Federer’s well deserved accolade is finally coming on his way and that too on his favorite ground the Wimbledon. And he did it in front of some of the legends in themselves. Pete Sampras, Rod Laver, Bjorn Berg, Russell Crow, Sachin Tendulkar all were present in the center court to witness the history in the making.

But I was a bit disappointed by the final match between FedEx and Roddick. Entire marathon match was dominated by Roddick. I would rather say it was the best ever performance of Roddick and from Feddy it was just a very normal game. Roddick deserved victory more than FedEx in that particular match but as they say – "The Best Man always Win" same happened here and winning cup was handed over to The Great Roger Federer. Surprisingly there were no tears from king this time :)

I really liked the comments of people on this occasion:

Pete: "Roger is a great champion. He’s a friend, a great player and can get up to 18 or 19. He’s a legend, an icon and a credit to the game"

Roddick: "Sorry Pete I tried to hold him off".

Federer: "These are not goals you set as a little boy...this is unbelievable moment".

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  1. Yea...Andy really made Roger run for his life during the match....Andy really deserved to win that one...

  2. Yupssss....Though I am Die-Hard FedEx Fan..but that particular match Andy deserved to win.

  3. I missed that moment. I had to catch flight to Singapore. That very moment I hated my coming here. Nonetheless. I cannot share that feeling as I missed the live broadcast and that feeling.

    But as you said AB, May the best man win. Finals, matches and wars are not won purely through skill. Beyond a level you need temperament which holds you and makes u hold it.

    That was difference in Sachin and Vinod. By far Kambli was better batter. But temperament was really poor. Lara has better skill and temperament and this is the reason why he score 500 and Sachin has to struggle for over 10 years to reach double ton.


  4. Hi Ken,

    You hit the bulls eye!!! The TEMPERAMENT...and that’s why he is the best.

    And I remember that day you were travelling...But nonetheless I knew you will be extremely overjoyed when you will hear this. And I think the same happened!!!

  5. FedEx 'King' is undoubtedly the greatest player ever.
    And yeah the comment of Roddick was too good especially the expression at that moment :)