Monday, August 31, 2009

Some Random Updates!!!

29th/30th Aug 09 – Day to be recorded in the Indian Formula One history. Fisichella showed some real good moves and managed to get the pole position on grid during qualifying. Race Day - First ever official point for Force India that too in the form of podium finish. What more to ask for!! Way to go Fisi and Force India. Now Malaya has every reason to celebrate!!!

Gunners Gunned Down!!! Manu defeated Arsenal in a worth watch match of EPL. Diaby’s own goal proved fatal for the Gunners!!

US Open
starting today. Stage is set for King FedEx, the father of twin, to set one more benchmark. Can he be the first one to win 6 US open grand slams in sequence post open era? (King has won US open 2004-2008). Though luck has never favored the fathers in Tennis but can Feddy overcome this notion and buy a memorable gift for his kids?

P.S. – Descent weekend, had a lot of food and a lot of sleep: D, though just one movie :(

P.P.S – Hangover is must watch for every drunkard. You don’t really know what all you can do after being druged :D

P.P.P.S – Pani Puri is still the best junk food we can ever get :)

P.P.P.P.S - Discovery of the weekend – Sheesha gives me more hit then alcohol: P

P.P.P.P.P.S - Why you feel infuriated of yourself? Why can’t you travel back and change the things? Why life is so complicated and messy? Can’t it be as smooth as Maza? :P

Mood: Messed up :@
Muzic: No mood to put on the muzic


  1. i tried beer with sheesha.. it was really nice high.. felt in heaven.
    missing those things here.. .

  2. y so much of security on posting comments?

  3. Hi Ken,

    Havent tried the beer yet!!! So cant really say how it will be..but tell you this Sheesha itself is too much for me :)

    And I didnt opted for any special security scheme on comments...its default i guess!!