Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Independence Day!!!

It’s going to be the Sixty-Third Independence Day of our nation. As they say we got independent and librated on the same day some 62 years back. I sometimes wonder, we have so many different cast, creed, cultures within this one country but still we are united. What is it that keeps us bind together? And to my surprise I do come up with an answer. I think it’s about Belongingness. You go to any part of the nation or to any community; you can somehow relate yourself with it. You feel you belong here, these are your people. These are the people who will talk to you and help you irrespective of knowing you. And probably that is why though we fight, we cry, we crib but still we are together!!! :)

Now a days we, as a country, are facing challenges from every possible corner. Sometimes it’s in the form of some terroristic intrusions and related activities from our beloved neighboring countries, sometimes troubles pour in with the economic downturns, at times it’s our own politicians who bring tension by fighting on the names of region & religion, then comes the nature making us fight to survive against floods and famines, and what not!!! But still we the Nation are standing against each situation shouting it out aloud – Boss!! Though we might get scared in the beginning but we are not going to get you on our nerves. We will fight and fight hard to throw you out like we do to every other problem which comes in our way. And I feel this passion of US is the key which keeps this country of over a Billion
Up & Running!!!

Let’s show the same passion & fight against this latest epidemic called “Swine Flu” which is creating havoc amongst each one of us. Let’s eradicate it in the same way we eliminated other pandemics like bird flu, Plague & Dengue. People are scared to death. Let’s make them understand not to panic and stay calm. Just try to keep yourself away from any kind of infection by avoiding being part of any mob. It’s just another problem which we have to fight for!!!

Let’s Help Ourselves!!!!

Jai Hind!!

Muzic: Hai preet jaha ki reet sada!!

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  1. I find myself absolutely useless, minnow, probably rat.. to say anything about India. I just love it. The way it is. Feel sorry for abusing it myself and other billion Indian people including politicians and leaders.

    There is something about this country which keeps it going. With new challenges and dangerous lying ahead, we need to see how we do. We have survived a lot and I hope we will do better ahead.

    Many wishes to mother country.